Hollywood Hillbillies Season 4

Conquering Hollywood turned to be not a difficult task for the members of the show under the title “Hollywood Hillbillies”. Posting their videos, they became the internet and then already Hollywood stars. Though the latest debut was held in the previous year, the developers have been not been willing to expose info about the fourth chapter since then.

Making a sketch of the project

Being behind Asylum Entertainment, Hollywood Hillbillies is made as a reality TV show for broadcasting it on the Reelz channel in the USA.
Hollywood Hillbillies Season 4 Poster
The series creation is taken by diverse producers known for a variety of TV reality projects being under their belt. They are Rebekah Fry, Jonathan Koch, Ryann Lauckner, Steven Michaels, Malachi McGlone, Malachi McGlone, and Tom Stern. The immediate leader of the series is Mike Pack.
The reality series participants are presented with such names as Michael Kittrell, John Cox, Paul Conlon, David Weintraub, Dee Dee Peters, as well as some others.
Being opened in 2014, the series now includes three circles with the latest one premiering in the previous spring.

TV show concept

The heroes of this story are the internet stars specifically on YouTube as they have been posting various videos from their everyday life. Their names are Michael “The Angry Ginger” and his grandmother “Mema”.
Hollywood Hillbillies Season 4 Promo
Being the residents of Georgia, two people embark on sharing clips about their business activities. Without any intentions at first to become celebrities from Hollywood, they are now willing to become those ones.
So Michael and his funny relatives are prepared already to conquer Hollywood. But the main question is whether Los Angeles can accept these outrageous rednecks?

As for the chances of renewal

Generally speaking, this idea of the show cannot be referred to the ones beloved by everyone. But as the situation shows, there is a great number of people who take a keen interest in such type of themes.
It can explain thus the controversial aspect of reviews towards the show as well as the average rating though being sufficient to continue the project.
As for the concrete figures, we can mention the scoring on IMDb that comprises only 4.4 points out of 10. This can mean that the series comes within a whisker of cancellation.

As for the resumption

Though ratings allow developing this series in the future, the creative team is keeping mum regarding its fate. Can we expect the near launch of the fourth season or the third chapter will be the final one? When do the developers decide to expose info about the Hollywood Hillbillies season 4 release date?
This question remains open being the agenda for discussions among the series fans. But as the matter stands, there is nothing for it but to monitor the situation in case any announcement appears about the show. Be in the swim in case any statement and news become exposed to the public.


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