Hip-Hop Evolution Season 2

Hip-Hop Evolution is a new documentary show with its script and directors. The airing of the project is organized on the HBO Canada channel. The broadcast has started in this fall. Exactly, the freshman season release date is considered September 4, 2016. The show is a miniseries that includes only four episodes as for now, with the runtime constituting one hour.
Coming from companies Bell Media and Banger Films, the documentary is directed by the duo of Sam Dunn and Scot McFayden. Meanwhile, Kathleen Meek leads the cast of producers.

Background and Concept

Hip-Hop Evolution Season 2 Poster
The narration of the series covers the background of the hip-hop starting from the house parties arranged in New York in the previous century. MC Shad Kabango serves as a host guiding the viewers across this musical world.
The investigation is made feasible via the interviewing of the legendary representatives of the subculture. This cast of program guests includes:

  • LL Cool J,
  • Grandmaster Flash,
  • Grandmaster Caz,
  • Russell Simmons,
  • Ice Cube,
  • Kool Herc,
  • Ice T.

All of them were the immediate witnesses of the street culture development. The evolution explored in each new episode includes the foundation of Def Jam Records and extension of the culture on the West Coast.
Hip-Hop Evolution Season 2 Spoiler

Perfectly Received?

There is no essence in questioning the fact the series is tailored to a specific audience that loves the hip hop genre as nothing else on Earth. This does not prevent it, however, from garnering excellent rating numbers. On IMDb, it constitutes 8.8 points out of 10, as for now.
The conspicuous advantage is that it provides us with an overwhelming historical insight into the hip hop as a definite subculture. Those who consider themselves loyal followers of this genre have to follow it come rain or shine.

Great Potential of Renewal for Second Season Premiere

Not a word has been uttered concerning the resumption as well as with regard to the Hip-Hop Evolution season 2 release date. Chances of renewal are fulsomely great. Well, we have no grounds to worry about the future of the project. When will the new season air date be exposed? Surely, the exposal can be scheduled only for the next year, not earlier. Stay tuned to be notified about the updates in time!

Update: Hip-Hop Evolution Season 2 Status

It’s only been several months since the start of the first season. And yet, now, the second season is only a matter of time. Its release date is still pending but there is no way the show is going to be canceled. Not happening. We will get to enjoy it for a long, long time.
It is most likely that the season will come out this year. Make sure to subscribe to be notified when the exact release date finally comes up.


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