Hillbilly Blood Season 6

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Short Overview

Hillbilly Blood is a very unusual and atmospheric reality TV show with amazing characters. The show is based on traditional life and customs of people in the Appalachians called Hillbillies. It looks like a documentary. The show was created in Cold Mountain in North Carolina. Five seasons have already passed. The first episode was aired in September, 2012. The fifth episode returned in May, 2015 for 10 episodes.
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Plot summary and actors

The main characters of the show are Eugene Runkis and Spencer “Two-Dog” Bolejack – his brother. They show demonstrates us how to survive in a traditional ancestral way. The participants reveal lots of secrets using only natural resources, trying to do everything using simple instruments, utensils and their own hands. The show is filmed in the mountains and wild American forests – the viewers experience real wilderness of unique US nature.
The last episodes were filmed with the participation of Eugene Runkis and Spencer Two Dogs Bolejack. Steven Miller, the executive producer of the show says nothing about the continuation yet – the cast remains unknown.
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Interesting facts and opinions

“Hillbilly” is a slang word, often used as derogatory. It became known in 1900 and after appearing in one of the famous New York newspapers was used as general name of people living in mountainous places of the US (Appalachians, Caraway Mountains, Ozarks Mountains and Uwharrie Mountains). In the course of time Hillbilly obtained negative stereotypical connotations. According to the New York Journal it meant a person living in the hills, having no education, doing whatever he wants and speaking only the way he wants. They can’t dress properly, have nothing to speak about and have no more interests than drinking whiskey and shooting a gun.
But this stereotypical term has another meaning, which is not that negative. Hillbillies are also self-confident people having much courage to face and stand the laws of growing society. Although they are still considered violent.
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What about the next season?

Unfortunately the directors and the producers keep silent about their future plans of the show, so, all the fans have to do is to wait and hope keeping their fingers crossed. The release date remains unknown for the moment.



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