Hell’s Kitchen Season 16

The settler on FOX and award-winning “Hell’s Kitchen” is an absolute leader among cooking shows in the USA as already the sixteenth season is about to come off if to be more exact in this upcoming September.

Making a retrospective journey

Critical acclaim and an award-winning status are achieved by the most long-running TV show on FOX titled “Hell’s Kitchen”. By its core, it is a cooking competition produced specifically by such companies as Granada Entertainment, A. Smith & Co. Productions, and Upper Ground Enterprises.
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The airing of this settler was given a successful start as far back as in 2005. Now we have fifteen seasons for following. Can you imagine this? How popular must it be in order to develop this project for such a long period of time? As for the latest premiere, it was held this past January.
The concept of the show was taken from the eponymous British project. So it is reckoned to be its American version apart from which there exist other variants of this program in various countries. This and the original British versions are created by one person named Gordon Ramsay (Kitchen Nightmares, MasterChef, MasterChef Junior) working also as a celebrity chef.
It is curious that Ramsay worked as a leading chef on the British project only in the first season, on the American version of Hell’s Kitchen, he served as a judge from the very start of the release.

What is the concept?

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The culinary competition is held in Los Angeles with twenty professional chefs embarking on struggling for the title of the best one. The fight is set in a modified warehouse divided into a kitchen and dormitory where the participants of the show live and compete. So this is the very difference of this show from others. The members are also to reside in one house when not being involved in the competition.
There are two teams – red and blue specifically. After six chefs are left, the competitors continue to struggle for themselves without any division into groups. The main prize includes the chance to serve as the head chef or executive chef at a restaurant of Ramsay’s choosing, as well as a cash prize of $250,000.

Ratings and awards

This actual survival show is capturing and interesting for viewers as there are no other explanations of the regular revivals of the show since 2005.
The series was nominated for various awards and some of them it won in fact including the Primetime Emmy. The most recent chapter can be reckoned, by the way, as the most brutal since the intense situation of the already fifteenth season requires it.
Hell’s Kitchen Season 16 Cast
It is curious that the American version turns to be more popular than the original variant in the UK. What are the causes for that? Maybe Americans feel much more anticipated about such projects.

Catching up with the news

The series is revived for the sixteenth chapter and now we are also aware of the Hell’s Kitchen season 16 release date. It is September 23 of this year. So mark this date on your calendar and keep waiting for the premiere.



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