The Haunting Of Season 7

Brief Review

The Haunting Of is a docuseries where celebrities share their experience with the paranormal activity. The first season premiere was held in October 2012. Six installments have been launched since then to the luck of people who are in love with all that mysterious spiritualism. The latest chapter premiere in March 2016. The fate of the next cycle is unknown, as well as The Haunting Of season 7 release date is undetermined.

The distributors of this program have been changed twice. The original home network was The Biography Channel. Then the series moved to Lifetime Movie Network. The sixth cycle debuted on LMN. The host of the show is Kim Russo.
The Haunting Of Season 7 date release

Meeting Members of the Cast

Kim Russo is a psychic medium who helps people to experience the connection with their beloved ones again after their death. Among the celebrities participating in the show, we can mark out Billy Ray Cyrus, Kendra Wilkinson and Meat Loaf.

They tell us the stories about traumatic encounters with the spiritual world are and how they have altered their lives.
The Haunting Of Season 7

Assisting people in feeling a closure, Kim explained the truth that nobody could have revealed.

What Is the Acceptance?

The reality series has proved to be emotional and compelling. Having the score of 6.9 out of 10 on IMDb, the series keeps gathering decent audiences when another new episode appears on screens. The series seems to deserve its continuation. But is the new season air date a resolved matter, as of today? What do you feel about the chances of renewal? Are they good? Are you enthusiastic about the following cycle or not? You are welcome to leave comments below regarding all these issues and more!

What is the Future?

As for now, nothing is heard of the series future though it is time to announce at least something. Can it mean a cancellation? Do not jump to conclusions! In any case, we should wait for the official statements about the resumption, as well as the new season release date. The chances of the revival are good according to ratings garnered this year.
The Haunting Of Season 7

Let’s keep our fingers crossed in favor of the series’ bright future. Follow us and you will never get misinformed and will catch all news regarding this project in time and at first hand!

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