Hatch, Match and Dispatch Season 2

Hatch, Match & Dispatch is a TV project created in Australia. The main person in the cast and the host of the project is Marta Dusseldorp. She’s one of the staff members of Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages. She’s always there to share other people joys and sorrows of life. This TV project consists of eight episodes in total. Started airing on the ABC Channel in 2016. Scroll down for the official release date of season 2.

Etymology of the Title

The title itself is and idiomatic expression, where “hatch” means birth (like an egg hatching); match means marriage (as bride and groom match) and dispatch means death. This idiomatic expression also serves as an ironic way to call The Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages.
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Hatch, Match and Dispatch follows the journeys of different people along their turning life points. At first, you see the registration of birth, then you pass on to the childhood, marriage and a number of intimate life affaires. Everything ends up in passing away. The steps that unite all of us.
Individuals from different paths of life rely on the BDM, cause births, deaths and marriages are the key life points of every person existing in this world. They affect us. The producers of the project want us to witness the funniest, romantic, cute, emotional, tragic and unhinged moments of our way of life. The show itself is a mixture of tradition, cultural elements and religion.
You’ll follow the vital life events passing for minutes and seconds – you’ll meet young lovers pressed by financial matters, you’ll see marriages rolling in and out, you’ll observe intimate and deeply personal things bursting like fireworks. Finally, you’ll meet with one and the same thing no matter how the life of the character is going… Death is undeniable and it always come in the end.
Hatch, Match and Dispatch Season 2 Cast
Meet hearty and touching stories of life and death, of friendship and betrayal, of love and loss. Every new episode leads you through the stories of different people from family homes, maternity wards, funeral parlors and hospitals.

Second Season Air Date

Unfortunately, we don’t know when Hatch, Match and Dispatch will be prolonged for season two. If you’re willing not to miss the beginning of it, don’t forget to subscribe. Share your news in the comments below if you know more.


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