Hardcore Pawn Season 10

Hardcore Pawn is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release was carried out by RDF USA with the first season release date on the 16th of August 2010. The series is now released by truTV. The reality is devoted to a family-operated pawnshop. The filming of the series is done in Detroit. Since its first release, the series has been one of the most popular projects of the channel. Hardcore Pawn season 10 release date is unknown yet, but the show is still going.


The action of every new episode of this reality revolves around a place known as American Jewelry and Loan. The owner of the business is Leslie Gold often referred to as Les. He’s pawnbroker’s grandson. His grandpa owned Sam’s Loans office in Detroit. Les started his business at the office of his own named American Jewelry in Oak Park in 1978. Eventually, he decided to move location and reopen his office in Detroit. It happened in 1993.
Hardcore Pawn Season 10  date release

In less than 20 years, the business expanded and one more office of American Jewelry was opened in the second location – it was in Pontiac. Some of the episodes of the fifth and sixth seasons of Hardcore Pawn were filmed in this location.

The only faithful friend and partner of Les is his son named Seth. He co-owns American Jewelry since he graduated from school. Seth deals with marketing claiming that what he does is one of the most important things for business development. The daughter of Les is named Ashley. She studied business administration at the State University of Michigan. She’s also a co-owner of business for about fifteen years. There’s a constant rivalry between her and her brother, which is normally observed in every new episode of the show.
Hardcore Pawn Season 10


  • Leslie Gold, often nicknamed Les, the owner of the shop.
  • Seth Gold, the son of Les, co-owns the business.
  • Ashley Gold Broad, the daughter of Les, the second co-owner of business.
  • Karen Mitchel, a niece of Les, a co-manager.
  • Hardcore Pawn Season 10

  • Bobby Janiec, often referred to as Bobby J, a store employee.
  • Byron, heads the security service.
  • Hook, security employee.

10th Season Air Date

There’s no reliable information about the future of Hardcore Pawn. The cast and the producers don’t say when season 10 will be released, however, the show is still going and the viewers are waiting for more.

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