Hardcore Pawn Season 10

As a long-running settler on the truTV channel, Hardcore Pawn is now next door to either the cancelation or resumption for the tenth season. Let’s keep our fingers crossed in favor of positive news coming down the road from the developers of the show.

Principal info about the TV show

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Standing as a collaboration product for Richard Dominick Productions and RDF USA, the series referred to as “Hardcore Pawn” is made in the genre of TV reality show with its immediate inspirer named Richard Dominick.
Being a breakthrough long-running project with the current amount of available rounds reaching nine, the reality show is considered to be another successful executive attempt of such producers as Richard Dominick, alongside Chris Coelen (Married at First Sight) and Anthony Horn (Storage Hunters), Mike Gamson (Lizard Lick Towing), Claire O’Donohoe (Ladies of London), Natalka Znak (Secret Millionaire), Les Gold (Red Eye, Fox and Friends), and Seth Gold.
The series being aired on the American channel called truTV saw the light of day at the summer end in 2010 for the first time. The pioneer installment included only 8 episodes being experimental in some way chasing to show the audience attitude to the concept.

Following the very concept

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When considering the concept, one should keep in mind that this project is following the routine work of American Jewelry and Loan that is known as one of the largest and most famous pawn shops on the planet which zest lies in collateral, short term fine jewelry loans and diverse valuable item loans.

How has been the serial accepted during its course?

The opening season with its eight available episodes as we have written earlier was readily perceived as the successful one. So the developers had nothing in the course but to increase this amount to 12 at first and then step-by-step to 26 parts. So now the whole release of one installment can take several months fortunately.
The initial amount of watchers per episode was about two million people. Now the serial is garnering much higher ratings according to the favorable commentaries as well as scorings on various websites.

As for the current situation with the project

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The matter of a great importance is that the latest ninth season was given start two years ago particularly in spring 2014. This means that we can start worrying about the possibility of the resumption as the developers are tight-lipped about everything that touches this issue.
We can now only hope that the creators are not going to leave us in the cold without getting us acknowledged with the announcement of the revival as well as concerning the Hardcore Pawn season 10 release date. The thing for botheration is fortified by the fact that the series can be just put on hold without any hints at the possible timeframe of the following launch.  So be in the swim in order not to lose an opportunity to get to know everything at first hand.


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