Growing up Hip Hop Season 2

The newcomer on the American channel defined as WE tv is confirmed to come back to its loyal following in the shape of the sophomore chapter. As there is no data available concerning the exact premiere date, it is high time to follow any announcements that come straight from the horse’s mouth.

Basic info every series follower should be aware of

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Growing up Hip Hop makes for the fresh portion of reality show on the American television particularly on WE tv. It premiere was held at the beginning of January 2016. Currently, the watchers are in possession of only one pioneer chapter and are waiting for the appearance of the already confirmed sophomore season.
The serial turns to be generated by such production studios as Datari Turner Productions and Entertainment One Television. The team of executives includes sich certain names as Suzanne Gladstone, Master P, Angela Simmons, Tara Long, Romeo Miller, and also Datari Turner. The pioneer season is composed by the way of six full episodes.

What turns here for depiction?

The serial id depicting the path of hip-hop stars children who are attempting to become as popular as their parents. The spheres in which these kids are going to develop themselves are various including music, fashion, and also performance in movies.
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On their way to the triumph, girls and boys are facing numerous ordeals among which the most difficult one is to come from shadows of their parents who are always trying to protect them and push forward using their power of popularity. The serial is distinguished by both romantic and working atmosphere.

How has been the newcomer accepted?

There is no doubting in such an obvious fact the serial has its viewership including particularly those who take a keen interest in hip hop lifestyle. Moreover depicting the lives of stars and their family members, the serial presents an exciting project for those people who are fond of penetrating into the life events of others.
For the rest of viewership of WE tv, this series is considered to be no so much attractive. AS for the rating on various websites, it is, unfortunately, low. The scoring comprises for instance about 4 points from 10 on IMDb. The amount of audiences constitutes more than 700 thousand people. It seems to be quite enough for the serial to be continued at least for one more chapter.

Renewal and launch date of the following season

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With comparatively low ratings, the developers are not aiming to lose a hope that their serial should gain traction. With such an idea in the minds, they renewed the project for the second installment. The question is what they are going to change in order to make headway. In any case we are to see it only with the sequential airing.
As so far there is no available data about the Growing up Hip Hop season 2 release date, it is highly recommended to monitor the situation as changes can be made by the creators any day.


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