Growing up Hip Hop Season 3

Growing up Hip Hop is about people willing to become successful in the world of hip-hop stepping out of their famous families’ shadows. The show concentrates on such music legends as Damon Dash, Rev. Run, Russell Simmons, Master P, El DeBarge and Pepa. They continue dealing with their career huge success trying to build successful lives and stable future for themselves and for their children.
However, their children are willing to become independent and to prove that they deserve to be respected as well as their parents. They try to build their personal and professional lives in music, fashion and television. Almost every new step taken is painful. The participants of Growing up Hip Hop  pass through numerous complications on their way up to desired success. Every turn is a new challenge is experienced. In every new episode you’ll see how these young and talented young actors and musicians pave their road of fame revealing their identities. The hip-hop culture they come from gives them certain charm. Their love and work affairs often get intercepted with their families trying to protect their kids and help them. They’re constantly nearby.
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The participants of the project (scroll down further for the cast details) will experience new challenges and uncommon, sometimes, even disturbing situations.


  • Romeo Miller. Master P’s son. He’s an actor and a musician. Sometimes referred to as Lil’ Romeo. Dreams to take over his father’s music empire. His close friend is Angela – she always ready to guide and support him whenever he needs that.
  • Angela Simmons. Rev. Run’s daughter and Russell Simmons’ niece. She’s on the way to create her personal fashion empire. Willing to turn her fashion success into cash to make herself independent from the fortune of her father.
  • Damon Dash nicknamed Boogi. He’s his father’s namesake. His dad is a co-founder of Chipz Cookies.
  • Kristinia DeBarge is James DeBarge’s daughter. Her dad is in prison right now and she relies on her uncle El DeBarge – a hip-hop legend. Split between her family and music business affairs.
  • Egypt Criss, Sandra Denton’s daughter. A star of Salt-N-Pepa and Naughty by Nature. She’s doing her best to develop her solo career. However, her mom is sometimes overprotective.
  • TJ Mizell, Jam Master Jay’s son. Became a DJ, like his dad. Participates in the hottest events all over the world. His dad’s mysterious murder bothers him a lot.

Growing up Hip Hop Season 3 Cast

Third Season Release Date

WE tv hasn’t made any official announcements about the future of Growing up Hip Hop and the third season premiere date of its third season. However, the show hasn’t been cancelled and due to its impressive popularity season 3 will certainly be released in the upcoming year 2017. You’ll be notified when the next season air date is available.


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