Grand Designs Season 17

House renovations are the beloved kind of reality stories all over the world as it is always exciting to get new ideas for your home. This very project serves to explain all particulars of appropriate designing that is how to make your dwelling more comfortable and cool.

Long-running show on Channel 4

The British television product, Grand Designs is one of the longest-running shows in its whole history. The thing is that the first debut was held in 1999 and since then we have been lucky to enjoy new episodes each year. The current amount of them constitutes sixteen and we are already in anticipation of the renewal and the launch of the next installment. If to follow that the series latest season appeared in the previous year, we could expect a fresh cycle already this year.
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As for some production issues, we should note that this reality show is a feather in the cap of Michael Ratcliffe and John Lonsdale, as well as executive Fiona Caldwell. The fabrication is due to Fremantle Media and Boundless Productions.The broadcast has been held only on Channel 4 in Great Britain.

Catching up with the developments in the latest season

As for the concept of the show, it is connected to house building and designing. The clients of the series are ordinary people with their personal dreams and wishes.
The latest installment that has number sixteen debuted on its home channel in the previous September giving way to eight full episodes. In the first part, we were to face the host of the show named Kevin McCloud as he met Clinton Dall, a father of four and a self-made businessman from Sussex. His desire was to build one of the biggest houses ever shown in this project.
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Regarding ratings

The duration of the project forces us to think about the high ranking level of the project as of something that is taken for granted. And truly, the series is popular in Great Britain since the premiere in 1999. The healthy level of viewership has been maintained for such a long period thanks to new ideas applied to it with the release of every season. For instance, the pioneer episode of the latest installment garnered about 3 million people.

Chances of renewal and current status

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Taking into consideration all above-mentioned, we cannot but conclude that the series can be reckoned as an eternal one. The series resumption for the next installment is a thing we should be ready for at any moment now, as there has been not news about the future but still there are great chances of the positive news.
The Grand Designs season 17 release date is also unknown since the official statement is yet to come out during one of the press releases of the channel. Let’s hope that the producers will hurry things up, for the predicted launch timeframe is already knocking at the door – it is September 2016 if to follow the period of the previous year. Stay tuned with us and you will get to know everything at first hand.


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