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We all love reality projects because of real emotions of the participants and unpredictable reactions of real people. We compare them with us trying to imagine the way we could act in this or that situation. But what if the project tries to concentrate our attention on talented people trying to do their best to find a proper way to use their abilities? Today’s article is about two gifted designers named Mina and Karen. But they are a lot more than a couple of co-workers – they are a mother and a daughter.

The Format

Mina Starsiak and Karen E Laine manage to create cool projects out of old houses in their mother town Indianapolis. You can check the photo gallery on the official HGTV resource to get the general idea.
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They also share some marketing secrets showing the best things they managed to find while creating original designs for their projects. You’ll have a chance to sneak a peek at some of Mina and Karen’s personal life events and their family relationships.

What do Karen and Mina Do?

  • They work as a team trying to redesign the houses according to the budget they’re given.
  • They purchase small old houses (some of them were built in the 19th century) and totally renovate them. They make them bigger trying to keep the cost moderate for the potential buyers.
  • They make unbelievable makeovers of huge houses facing various construction challenges. They renew the stairs and woodwork in order to save the treasure of Victorian era.
  • They turn tiny dwellings into cozy bohemian-inspired bungalows returning old floors and unstable walls to firm and safe structures.
  • They manage to get rid of terrible smells and signs of deterioration in ancient, abandoned places. They turn houses looking like a dump into real diamonds of the neighborhood.
  • They remodel their own old family houses.
  • They remake duplex houses into spacious family homes with luxurious and unique designs changing floor plans and moving the walls.
  • They work on creative styling at moderate financial possibilities.
  • They also give sensible advice practically showing the simplest ways of remaking the places you live in.

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Release Date of the Second Season

The show is extremely promising with a stable and even growing viewership. So, if you’re a truly devoted fan, make sure you won’t miss the news about the upcoming episodes of the second season of Good Bones. The release is planned for 2017, but the exact premiere date has to be scheduled yet.


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