Gold Coast Medical Season 2

Those documentary series, which are in some way connected with medicine, have always attracted public interest. After all, these programs usually reveal the secrets of the most mysterious medical cases and describe the everyday work of professional doctors who are fighting for the health of their patients. One such documentary show called Gold Coast Medical has recently appeared on the Seven Network channel. When season one came to its end, the viewers started worrying about when Gold Coast Medical season 2 will return in their screens. The renewed project’s coming is being strongly awaited. The next new episode is going to be connected with the same interesting medical cases, so the following season premiere is sure to be accepted with excitement.

Production Info

Gold Coast Medical Season 2 Poster
The first season start took place on November 1, 2016. The season air date was earlier scheduled for the September of 2015 but due to some delays its premiere was changed for 2016. This part of Gold Coast Medical is supposed to consist of 10 episodes.
The series is produced by John McAvoy, who is an executive producer and a developer of the series. The company distributing the show is McAvoy Media working under John’s control. The channel broadcasting the current season and responsible for all the following air dates is Seven Network.

Plot Peculiarities

All the action takes place in Australia on its Gold Coast. This is not only a paradise for a wonderful holiday, but also a place with well-developed medicine. The cast of the program are observant and responsible doctors of medical station located on the territory of University. The show describes the advantages of modern devices designed to improve the quality of treatment and reveals the peculiarities of a variety of hospital departments, including:

  • oncological;
  • neurological;
  • cardiological;
  • plastic surgery;
  • pediatric and others.

Viewers’ Expectations and Possible Renewal

According to finale results, the average number of viewers per episode was about 0.58 million, which is quite well. The authors believe that the following season release date is being awaited by a greater number of the public. The first part cannot be the last one as there are of lot of positive feedbacks from the audience,  who highly appreciated an unusual format and quality work of the creators, so stay tuned to get the schedule of the future series and be aware of its plot and any possible changes.


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