Going Off the Menu Season 2

Cooking is a big deal when it goes about truly delicious food. The entertaining channel Bravo is presenting a new documentary about food and restaurants in which it is created led by Liza deGuia and Russell Jackson. With the recent debut of the opening installment, the series is on the bubble so far.

Zeroing in on the show info

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Being set in Los Angeles, the documentary series under the title “Going Off the Menu” makes for the new project aired on Bravo since the middle of this April.
The series is hosted by two personalities named Liza deGuia who serves as an expert in food and Russell Jackson, an illustrious chef. Together they embark on investigating food, drinks, and restaurants as whole.
Be the genre, it is reckoned as a digital story so Bravo is making it available on their app, BravoTV.com, Facebook and YouTube.

About the concept

Are you prepared for the exciting adventures to dining experiences as well as mysterious suppers at the private clubs? If you are, you welcome to the new serial about food that is aiming to provide its viewers with much water in their mouths.
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The hosts visit various kinds of restaurants including of both high a low levels pursuing to define the best ones.  Attending them, they turn to unravel some of the most delicious secrets that could stay as secrets if not hosts’ attempts to uncover them. So much anxiety is found here in this show.
In every episode, we turn to follow one guest who supply the leaders of the show with a special task at the very start. So the hosts take over accomplishing it.
One of the guests is reckoned to be actress Amirah Vann. She sets a task to bring her to the closed night-life food club of the city. Meanwhile, Tory Bellici is searching for an adrenaline while experiencing meals. So every part comes to be distinguished by its own zest.

What is known about series ranking as well as commentaries towards the show?

Being a digital story, the series events turn to be accessible in various ways. So Liza and Russell are always in contact with us.
As for the ratings and reviews issues we cannot say something truly concrete since the broadcast of the series is still in process. We can only rely now on the information available in YouTube. There the amount of watchers has dropped down significantly in comparison with the first several episodes. Does it mean that the story is not much compelling for the audience? This question can be replied only when the series is released with its full opening season behind the belt.
Going Off the Menu Season 2 Cast

What should be said about the resumption of the documentary story for the second part?

Consequently, there has been no word from the developers concerning the series resumption for the sophomore installment as well as the Going Off the Menu season 2 release date.
So be in the swim with us in order to be the first one who will become aware of the changes in the situation with this documentary about food.


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