Gogglebox Season 8

The amusing show is breaking records during the release of the 2016 portion of episodes. What are they exactly? This leads surely to a great renewal next year, be sure in this. Subscribe and follow us and any portion of info will be delivered to you as soon as it appears.

Brief Review

British reality project about reviewing other shows in a sharp yet amusing way – that is a short description of Gogglebox, the settler on Channel 4.

The series comes to be produced by Studio Lambert with the team of executives that includes Tania Alexander. The premiere of the first season is dated back to March 2013.

Most Interesting Features

Viewers that have a sharp tongue are let to this program to lead discussions related to the best and worst television shows of the week. It is curious that the series is shot in a remote-control way by means of cameras that are placed at watchers’ home. They watch and comment on the on-goings on the screen right away.
Everything is operated by a small group set up in the production control room in another part of the house.

Awards and Large Viewership

Under its belt, the series has already several awards including the victory at BAFTA Awards 2014.
The seventh chapter has premiered in February 2016. In spite of the already long course of the show, the latest installment has been noted for the highest rating figures.
The opening of the latest chapter has shown a record number of about 5 million people. Afterward, a slight decline takes place with 4.09 million viewers.

Spinoffs in Different Countries

The series has turned to be so prosperous that leads to creating its versions in other countries. As of today, there are two of them so far – in Canada and in the USA. They are broadcasted on Bravo and Bravo Canada.
The youngest version is considered to be also Gogglesprogs, a Christmas special launched in 2015.
Gogglebox Season 8 Promo

The Gilbey Family Return

The seventh episode has been marked for the long-awaited return of the Gilbey family on screens.
Let us remind you that in 2014, the disappearance of George on this show caused him appearing on Celebrity Big Brother.
Moreover, returning to the show, he brings great news as towards his family. What is this news? In order to get to know it, follow the latest season already available in its full on various online resources.

Series Future

The series continuation is the agenda for all show fans. It is very much likely that we can follow new episodes at the start of the following year. However, these are only predictions and hopes, nothing else, in fact, since there have been no announcements on the resources regarding the fate of the next installment.
So far, it is under the illusion to wait for the Gogglebox season 8 release date in the nearest times. It can be exposed only at the start of 2017. Let’s expect it together. Subscribe and follow us and any portion of info will be delivered to you as soon as it appears.



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