Gigolos Season 7

Showing the operations of a male escort agency in Las Vegas, the program, has raised much controversial buzz around itself. Is it a worthy project for following or not? What is the idea there? Let’s say some true words about it, as it deserves at least a tiny portion of attention, in any case.

Featuring TV Show in Brief

What main aspects should be known about this series? Surely, they are related to the production and broadcast. The Showtime channel is responsible for delivering new episodes to the audience since its original start in 2011. The latest debut is dated back to March 2016. Now we are expecting news regarding the seventh installment.
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The reality TV show is a product of RelativityReal with the team of executives composed of Shane Walker, Richard Grieco, Alex Campbell, Brad Bishop, Jay Blumenfield, Tom Forman, and Tony Marsh.

Ideas and Controversy of the Program

The reality story follows the services with which the five men from a male escort agency provide its clients. The agency is called Cowboys4Angels exactly. It is working in Las Vegas and is owned by Garren James.
The idea is pretty controversial, there is no doubting in this but formally, it seems that everything is legitimate. The explicit activities are not dear to tastes of all of us, surely.
It is obvious that the show is not a straightforward reality series, with castings being arranged for women and couples to participate in it.
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Ratings and Renewal Prospects

Though being a popular and a controversial project at the same time, the ratings of it are not inspiring. The latest chapter has delivered only 0.1 million viewers this year. The score is not so great on IMDb also constituting only average 6.1 points out of 10.
As for reviews, they are mixed. Those who is not following social stereotypes consider the program an extremely rare one that takes an uncensored look at the life of escort men. How can they balance their work and personal lives? It is a true ordeal, in fact, and we should take this for granted.
The series is a curious and sufficiently provocative perverted adventure. It is tailored to the specific audience. Critics are noting that the story is a mixture of fiction and reality where the world of porn is shown.
Gigolos Season 7 Cast
On answering the above-mentioned question about the worthiness of the program for following, we must admit this is not for a common viewer. This can tackle your interest only if the theme is to your liking, in the opposite case, you may not even pay attention to it, you are at risk to waste your time.

TV Show Future

It seems that despite the controversy, the story has its fan base. No other explanation appears in our minds when facing the regularly announced renewals of the series.
As of today, the revival for the seventh chapter has not been made but still the chances of it are great. If you follow this project, stay tuned with our service being hungry for updates concerning the show.


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