Ghosts in the Hood Season 2

Ghosts in the Hood is a reality TV series created and released in the USA. The release is carried out by WE tv channel. Ghosts in the Hood season 2 release date is unknown yet, because the show is in its first season and the producers are waiting for the feedback. If you haven’t seen the show, read further to know more.


Spooky things happen in every new episode of the show. The show follows O.P.O. team dealing with all sorts of paranormal investigations. They are hunters using various techniques in order to entertain the viewers. The show mixes various aspects of paranormal investigations with elements of humor. The filming is mostly done in LA. The paranormal experts try to get to the places that have never been explored before. However, they just have to visit some of the iconic haunted places in the city!
Ghosts in the Hood Season 2 Release Date
The experts follow the activity of paranormal creatures both in homes and offices. They come up with unconventional solutions to bring comfort to their clients and make them free of spirits. Defecio Stoglin, is the leader of the team that has been crazy about paranormal activity since childhood. He rides his RV together with a team of professionals. They are Jasmine Orpilla – the eccentric medium, Dave Purdy – technical expert, Matty Richards – a comic and a family friend and Maunda Oyin – the main researcher. What they do seems to be a joke, but what lies underneath feels extremely surprising, especially for those fond of paranormal issues.


  • He has always been fond of paranormal staff. The full name is Defecio Stoglin. He was the one who created the O.P.O. (Official Paranormal Operations). The aim is to help people deal with mysterious happenings in their everyday lives.
  • Dave Purdy – deals with technical issues in O.P.O.
  • Jasmine Orpilla – a medium. She’s the one in the crew who deals with talking to spirits in the haunted places.
  • A nephew of Defecio coming from NYC. Gets to LA to show off his acting skills and a talent of a comedian.
  • O.P.O. researcher.

2nd Season Air Date

There’s no official info about the future of the show in its second installment. When more info about Ghosts in the Hood appears in the media, we will tell you. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave your opinion about the show down below, in the comments section. Second season release date remains unknown for now.


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