Ghosts in My House Season 2

The title is not hinting but says us directly that we are to deal with a mystery show that is going to terrify us no matter whether your nerves are strong or weak. The series is new and is still on the bubble in terms of the feasibility of its continuation. Stay tuned in the case the info is around the corner but so far, it is better for you to follow other projects.

General info about the reality horror

The series under the title “Ghosts in My House” is set to narrate about strange on-goings and the attempts of the investigator to find out the truth and bring the peace to homes.
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As now, let’s turn immediately to the production issues. The series fabrication, as well as broadcast, is possible due to Destination America that is reckoned to be a sister network of Discovery Channel.
The series’ first and so far the latest premiere was held in the previous February. The final episode was launched at the close of March 2015. The general amount of episodes equals seven.
At the current moment, we are waiting for the announcement of the release of the second chapter.

Paranormal creatures on Destination America

Each episode of the series turns to depicts mysterious cases of faucets turning on by themselves, flickering lights, as well as doors slamming. What power is the reason for all these on-goings?
Psychic Nadine Mercey and paranormal investigator Michelle McCay embark on resolving these secrets and every time get to the bottom. Being on the trail of the truth, they find out that there is someone else unseen and hazardous that is living in your home.
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In the first episode, for instance, we faced the couple Claude and Yvette as they experience the case of a father and his daughter living in the house where constant attacks are repeated by unknown.

Can we expect the launch of another chapter?

The series is terrifying even for those who do not put much faith in paranormal creatures, as everything seems to be more than real. Thus, there is a sense for those who is fond of such stories to penetrate into various investigations there. Thus, as there is a large number of fans of horror all over the globe, the series ratings should be promising in order to keep producing the series further.
Nevertheless, the series resumption has not been yet announced as it has been expected. The announcement must have come as far back as in the previous year or at least in this one, for the launch was expected to be held in this past March.
To make a long story short, it is probable that the series will be canceled. At least, it is next door to such a conclusion of the story.
There is not being under the illusion that the Ghosts in My House season 2 release date will appear sometime in the future. Keeping our eyes on the ball, nevertheless, we are recommending to you to turn your attention to other projects on Destination America that are also worth watching them.


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