Ghost Brothers Season 2

The hilarious way in which the stories are exposed in comparison with the seriousness of the usual ghost-hunting programming leads to creating buzz around this show. The ratings are healthy for such type of shows. Bearing this in mind, the developers have announced the next launch that will take place on Destination America as well at the start of 2017.

About the Show in Brief

The series under discussion is a comedy about ghost hunting with the hosts of the show acting in a deadpan yet hilarious way. Therefore, we can define the project as a comedy. The premiere of the pioneer and the latest part is dated back to April 2016 on the Destination America channel.
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Craig Piligian, Mike Nichols, Danny Passman, and Fay Yu, the executives of the show, have developed six available episodes. Pilgrim Studios is the company behind the fabrication.

Three Hunters and the Unexplained Mysteries

There are three brothers on the show named Juwan Mass, Dalen Spratt, and Marcus Harvey. Hailing from the religious households, they go far beyond the traditional beliefs while investigating the cases of paranormal activity all around the USA.
Each episode, they set out on a journey to one of the haunted houses in order to dig beneath the surface and find the truth. The exploration has no scientific reasoning, surely. They rely only on their own experience while working on each case. They accomplish their alleged duties with serious faces yet it is supposed that everything is theatrical. Thus, the story is cannot be perceived as a documentary or something else, it is a comedy in the core.
Is the show popular enough among ordinary watchers who love entertaining programs created just for amusement? Let’s get to the issue closer!
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Rating Summary: Decent Viewership and Favorable Reviews

The series has been received this year as a good fresh portion of stories about ghost hunting. The twist on paranormal programming has been viewed by about 0.5 million watchers per episode during the release of the freshman installment. For such show, this more or less steady result is an indicator of high chances of renewal.
How have you received the reality show? Is it funny or middling for you? Share your thoughts regarding this program on Destination America with us leaving comments below the post!

Recent Updates: Great News for Ghost Brothers Lovers

This month, the show has received a chance to gladden the audience with fresh episodes. The series has been revived for the sophomore installment that is scheduled to appear already at the start of the next year. The Ghost Brothers season 2 release date is predicted to appear only getting closer to the end of this year that is nearer, by the way, than we could expect.
While waiting for a new installment, we are given a chance to enjoy the frightful marathon of extended season 1 episodes in this October. Enjoy the Ghostober celebration of Halloween!


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