Gator Boys Season 6

The long-running show “Gator Boys” is offering the portrayal of the death-defying exploits of Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle, two extraordinary alligator trappers. The series is so far on the bubble after the successful release of the fifth season. Stay tuned with us in order to be notified timely about any changes in the current situation.

General description

Speaking about this project, we mean the documentary broadcasted on the Animal Planet channel. What is depicted there is a question that we are going to discuss a little bit later. And now let’s turn to the production issues.
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First and foremost, we are dealing with the product of Mike Mathis Productions. The team of executives is spearheaded by Mike Mathis and includes also such names as Dawn Sinsel (from the Animal Planet channel), Brian Puterman, and Eric Streit.
The release of the first chapter was held in January 2012. The latest premiere was set to gladden us with the subsequent new episodes in the previous August. So far, the series is on the hook with the future if the next installment being undefined.

Following ideas

What are we here to follow? What is the main concept? Let’s clarify these two questions briefly. The hosts of the show are two extraordinary alligator trappers named Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle. The series narration is moving as they are on the trial of hand-capture nuisance alligators. These alligators are residing in the back yards, swimming pools, garages and bedrooms of Florida Everglades inhabitants.
In order to catch them, they put their health and life at stake. So, they are brave guys who serve as superheroes saving the peace in the life of people. What is the cost in fact? We will never get to know this, as they are true men who are not exposing their tears and troubles. Thus, let’s follow the show and enjoy it, as it is actually worth it.

Latest chapter and ratings

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The release of the latest chapter was held in August 2015, as we have already acknowledged you. There we were to be proposed a new portion of adventures of the hosts of the show even more dangerous than they were in the previous installments.
As for the matter that touches series ratings, here we deal with the high ranking level. The long duration of the show and regular renewals are the main proves to it.
In 2013, the series became even the second one among the most watched shows on the channel.

Are chances of the renewal good?

The renewal is still to be announced formally by its producers. However, as the chances are more than simply good, we can hope for the immediate renewal in the near future and hope that new episodes full of suspense and exciting events in the business of the hosts will appear this upcoming autumn.
Stay tuned with us in order to be notified timely about any changes in the current situation as the Gator Boys season 6 release date, as well as the resumption for the sixth chapter are felt to be around the corner.


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