Garage Squad Season 4

As a settler on the Velocity channel, Garage Squad has been launched for three times now. The latest season premiere is dated back to the recent times. The first season release date is August 24, 2016, exactly.
By Super Genius production, the show is executive produced by the quartet composed of Mat Burnett, Bill Cornell, Ted Lega, and Peter Neal. Bruno Massel and Heather Storm work as hosts.

As for the Concept

Garage Squad Season 4 Cast
The cast of mechanics that Ron Gregurich, Cy Kellogg, Jeff King and Scott Ericson, as well as their leader Joe Zolper, is always forward to make another masterpiece from unfinished projects of cars.
They held people to fulfill their dreams of becoming possessors of the perfect vehicles in the whole world. With charisma and a good sense of humor, these guys are set to capture the audience interest.

Following Latest Developments

Among the latest projects on which the experts have embarked in the third season are classic automobiles like a 1987 Buick, 1963c Chevy Corvette Split Window Coupe, 1956 Ford Casser, 1969 Dodge Superbee, and a 1968 El Camino. The renovations are accomplished in the most proper way as usual. Are you waiting for a new portion of car beauties’ revamps? How have you received the reality series? Let’s reveal some facts as for the show popularity.
Garage Squad Season 4 Spoiler

What Are Rating Figures and Renewal Potential?

The rating number leave much to be desired, frankly speaking. The viewership constituted almost 0.3 million watchers during the pioneer episodes and then dropped to 0.2 million people. With each new episode, however, the audience kept leaving favorable comments towards this show. The score on IMDb equals decent 7.8 points out of 10. It can be taken into account when deciding the fate of the show. What it is, on the side note? When will the next season air date be announced? The potential is strong, to make a long story short, and we should expect for the appearance of the Garage Squad season 4 release date next year.
Stay tuned for news together with us and you will capture it as soon as it comes off. Do not forget to leave your comments below the post, as we are much interested in your thoughts and impressions concerning this show!


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