Gainesville Season 2

In late summer of 2015 CMT television channel launched a new project in the genre of reality TV show, but not only with comedy, but also dramatic overtones. This series was named Gainesville, because all the action takes place in the small town of Gainesville, Florida. The format of this program is fairly typical and as the cast is involved a group of young and beautiful people, but still the program is slightly different from all its predecessors. The last tenth episode was presented to the public long time ago, and viewers more and more often ask the producers of the series the following question: when will Gainesville return for Season 2? Release Date of the next season premiere is yet to be announced and the coming new episode will probably air soon. The lovers of Gainesville hope for its return and believe that the renewed show will appear on the screen in 2017.

Authors and Developers

The pilot season start took place on August 20, 2015 and afterwards 10 episodes were shown. There is still no data concerning the number of episodes in the second part, but it’s likely that the following season will contain not less series than before.
Gainesville Season 2 date release

The main cast of the show is Andreya Giansanti, an actress playing the leading role. Executive producers developing the series and presenting its first season release date are such professional filmmakers as:

  • Nicholas Burnett;
  • Virgil Dorjo;
  • Alan Deutsch;
  • Yoav Attias;
  • Daniel Levin;
  • Jason Dinsmore;
  • Lewis A. Bogach and a few others.

Gainesville Season 2

The channel which will be undoubtedly broadcasting the show when new season two premiere is aired is CMT, an American TV network.

About the Series

The life of young people in a small American town of Gainesville, located in Florida, is carefree and full of fun. A group of friends is having a great time, having fun and enjoying life. But at the same time these seven participants are trying to do everything possible to live an independent life, paddle their owncanoes. This documentary series can hardly be called a comedian; there are enough dramatic scenes and a deep sense that the audience of CMT channel will be able to appreciate to an even greater extent if the project runway will be continued.
Gainesville Season 2

Current Popularity and Chances for Renewal

Despite the program has many fans around the world, is has got more negative than positive feedbacks (on IMDB its rating is of 3.7/10, rather low). Maybe some viewers suppose the series is too boring and overextended, who knows. Anyway, the second season air date and the schedule haven’t been announced yet, and when this happen stay tuned to make sure that the creators have made everything possible to improve their product and turned it into more interesting show than it used to be.

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