Funny Girls Season 2

This show turned out to be very hilarious, though some of the viewers believe that this real life project is a total fake with actors behaving according to the script. Aired by Oxygen. The very first episode was released on the 7th of April.
In general, Oxygen’s Funny Girls is quite attractive for the viewers. Most part of American reality projects concentrate on the issues of showbiz and young dreamers’ wishes to become famous. Funny Girls is a bit different. All the action revolves around stand-up comedian women. Of course, it’s not new to the world of entertaining TV projects, but Funny Girls has noble ideas. Women-comedians face stand-up routines and complicated serious comedians’ lives. These sort of behind-the scenes projects have always attracted people cause it’s something inherently interesting. The participants of the project communicate all together, craft jokes trying to find approach to each other. Girls’ love lives is one of the vital parts of the project.
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What’s This All About?

Funny Girls is an ultimate project filmed in Los Angeles. It demonstrates business and personal matters of six female stand-up comics living in Los Angeles. Every day they climb to get to the top of their stand-up comics’ careers. Some of the girls a experienced, some of them are not. But they’ve got ambitions and never-ending strivings for more! They are talented, passionate and stubborn. They have to deal with multiple jobs, conflicts with parents and family and their dreams. Their aim is to provide young women with an inspiration and a strong wish to stay devoted to the real vocation.

What Opinions Did We Find On

Well… The viewers’ reviews are generally not quite positive. Most part of opinions is extremely negative.
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  • Too much focus on drama and much less on professional and actin issues.
  • Looks like a fake labored reality.
  • Fake relationships. Those who look like they have bad blood between them are real friends in real life.
  • The show is an insult to all real comedians of Los Angeles.
  • Funny Girls is about wanna-bees striving for fame and not about actually talented stand-up professionals.

Possible Updates and Release Date

Due to the negative reviews the show was postponed for an unknown period of time. Now the release of the second season fully depends on the reviews. The release date is unknown and the show itself is yet to be renewed.


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