Full Throttle Saloon Season 7

The long-running TV show on Destination America faces the trying times now, as a regular renewal is not announced and thus, the future of the project stands as questionable. Let’s hope that things will take a turn for the better. Stay tuned on following the goal to be informed of any changes in the situation with the project.

Following Main Issues

Speaking about Full Throttle Saloon as about a project in general, we should make some issues clear. One of them is people behind the production. We won’t list the creators as it is great enough. We just note that they are the members of such crew as A.Smith&Co Productions, Cheyenne Entertainment, and Mighty Loud Entertainment.
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The premiere of the first part was held in November 2009. Since then, six parts have been successfully released one after another each year coming. For the first five seasons, the original home channel of the project was truTV. With the release of the latest chapter in December 2015, the show moved to Destination America.

Concept Summary

The series follows the working process at Full Throttle Saloon. It is reckoned to be the hugest biker bar in the world. It is perched in Sturgis, South Dakota, specifically.
Watching this show, you will get to know that in this bar there are also both indoor and outdoor stages, a tattoo parlor, stores, restaurants, cabins for rent, and many other entertainment venues and services available for all clients.
The peak of visits is when the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is held. Then, the bar experiences about twenty thousand clients a night.
The couple that is running the undertaking is Michael and Angie Ballard. Their personal life is always influencing their business. Thus, they should accept many challenges with dignity.

Facing Latest Cliffhangers

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At the start of the fall of the previous year, The Full Throttle Saloon itself burned down to the ground. The question was whether it is worth to rebuild it or not. It happened right at the end of the narration of the sixth season.
As Ballard noted, he was going to rebuild the bar but not right away. This can be the answer to the question about the series renewal. This question is the main one the loyal followers of the show are worrying about now.

TV Show Future and Bar Rebuilding

The current situation can propose nothing to us but waiting for the final decision of the developers of the project. Chances of the renewal are great but the supposed launch timeframe is already near and we have nothing to rely on in our hopes apart from the promises of Ballard to rebuild his bar in the future.
If the renewal comes to be announced in the near future, it is possible that the Full Throttle Saloon season 7 release date will be exposed in time. Keep your eyes open, as info is felt to be around the corner, on following the goal to be informed of any changes in the situation with the project.


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