For the Love of Cars Season 3

The new British show for the admirers of cars is now on the bubble as the developers are yet to decide its fate whether to produce the third season or not. In any case, let’s hope for the positive unfolding of events.

Brief review

As a part of the programming list on Channel 4, For the Love of Cars is at its second stage of development being created in the UK.
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It is an insightful documentary, as well as an exciting reality show, which in the total gives a chance to garner positive reviews and to gain success.
Every show should have its host. Here this role is taken by actor and car enthusiast Philip Glenister (Big School, Mad Dogs, From There to Here), as well as by famous car designer and restoration expert Ant Anstead.
The current amount of season is two with the first one premiering on April 2, 2014, and the second one – on April 19, 2015.

Touching the very idea

Searching for the show with an automobile theme, you should not skip this one specifically as the very core of it lies in finding the treasures hidden in the desert barns. What are these treasures in particular?
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It is cars that the hosts of the show are looking for there. The cars are old but of classic types which make them unique in the modern variety of cars.
The next question is why they are searching for them. First of all, it is made for us to penetrate into the automobile history as they give us an insightful look both from engineering and social sides.
Being the experienced specialists in car restoration, they embark each time on bringing these found bucket of bolts as it can seem at first blush into life returning to them their deserved glory.
Thus, cars, which our fathers had driven in their youth, turned to be reincarnated with as much effort and prudence applied as it is ever possible.
The culmination of the story in each episode involves the restored car going to an auction. So this point is defining which is set to determine specifically whether their work and effort applied are worth it.

Getting you wise of the latest events in the show

For the Love of Cars Cast
The premiere episode of the first installment includes portraying of Aston Martin DBS from James Bond’s on Majesty’s Secret Service. It was purchased for ?37,000 and sold then at the auction for the world record price of ?150,000. Thus, a great profit was obtained.
In the second season, Philip Glenister and Ant Anstead come back to screens with new ideas and cars for restoration. Unlike the pioneer chapter where the auction was shown separately in one episode, the second one involves the auction being held at the close of each part.

Regarding the renewal

Though the idea of the given series is in demand due to a large number of fans of cars throughout the entire world, the series is so far next door to cancellation, since there has been no confirmation about its renewal for the third season. Stay tuned as info of any kind can appear at any moment now.


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