Fool’s Gold Season 3

It is a new hilarious reality show on Discovery Channel set to feature Todd Ryznar and his team of rednecks as they investigate the aspects of gold digging.
The Canadian show has two seasons. The freshman season release date is reckoned to be May 13, 2014. The fate of the third one is yet to be clarified by developers.

As for the Concept

The series serves as a funny view at the supposed miners, as they try to find gold in the depth of Earth with having the so-needed portion of the experience. Much often, they can irritate the audience with their excessive foolish stubbornness in their attempts, and nothing seems to prevent them from doing their so-called job. However, that is the concept to follow on this show.
Fool’s Gold Season 3 Poster
Rusty bed frames and the ever-oldest washing machines are the only two parts in the scanty volume of their equipment.
The latest installment, much to the audience luck, was full of much greater amount of prosperous findings due to the more knowledge in the minds of our characters and new equipment applied. Well, these improvements led to creating a certain plan for searching, as Todd is set to find as much gold as possible by exploiting all possible ways for it.
The cast of the searchers in this show includes specifically:

  • Roj,
  • Jimmy,
  • Grizz,
  • Matt,
  • Mikey.

Some Other Specifics on the Show

Fool’s Gold Season 3 Spoiler
The second season premiere includes much drama, as with the new machines used by them, Todd put little faith in the intentions of his colleagues. It reaches its peak when Mikey offers to have lower stakes in their operations that are suppose to lead to finding gold. Meanwhile, Todd makes his best in order to keep the crew concentrated on their 100-ounce goal. Nevertheless, they need to work in harness in order to keep exploiting the new means in gold hunting. With the time passing, in each new episode, they get used to trusting each other and resolving problems together.

No Solutions Made as for the Show

The question on the surface is whether the resumption will be a confirmed matter ever. When will the Fool’s Gold season 3 release date be exposed? When the first episode of the third installment appear? These issues remain open, as for today, because of the absence of info regarding the series future.
We hope that the project will be released for the third time in the near future with new equipment added and more luck in hunting obtained by main characters.
Stay tuned with us in order to catch the third season air date, as info can be near in coming and you should not miss it if you are a loyal follower of the funny project.


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