Food Network Star Kids Season 2

Food Network Star Kids is a new reality show that has premiered quite recently on the channel. If to be more exact, the freshman season release date is August 22, 2016. As for the background, the show is a co-project from the developers of the Food Network Star, a settler on the channel since 2005.
The studio behind the production is Triage Entertainment. The hosts of the show are actress and food expert Tina Mowry and food writer, photographer, and TV presenter Donal Skehan

Following the Concept

Food Network Star Kids Season 2 Poster
There are ten contestants in the show cast; here they are kids, competing in a culinary fight. Only one of them should obtain the title of the best chef and the opportunity to lead the separate program on Food Network.
The tasks proposed there for obligatory completing are hard challenges. In the freshman episode, they introduce themselves to the hosts and judges at the same time.
On the show, some celebrities appear as special guests. Among them, there are comedian Loni Love, as well as YouTube stars Elise Strachan and Gabriel Conte.

As for Rating Figures

The culinary competition is a popular genre in the show format. There is no wondering why the series has garnered a solid level in rating figures. The first season premiere is noted for the viewership of practically 1 million watchers.
Food Network Star Kids Season 2 Spoiler
As the reviewers write, the show is an excellent blend of cooking talent and entertainment. The decline took place in ratings, surely, after the subsequent release yet the potential is still great.
How do you receive the story about talented kids? Are you waiting for the first new episode of the following installment? When will the second season air date can be exposed, according to your point-of-view? Let us know your impressions and thoughts in the comments below!

Good Chances of Renewal

The series seems to be attractive for the audience and we may conclude that the second season of the spinoff can appear next year, at the close of summer 2017, supposedly. So far, it is too early for the announcement of the Food Network Star Kids season 2 release date yet the revival can be confirmed in the near future.
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