Follow the Rules Season 2

A new portion of life details of celebrities is presented in the serial under the title “Follow the Rules” that is depicting the events in the daily routine of the rapper and actor named Ja Rule and also in the lives of the members of his family.

Short outline of the fresher on MTV

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Follow the Rules presents in itself a reality TV project about the life of a rapper and his dearest people. By the genre, it can be referred to a comedy. The opening of the pioneer episode took place in the previous autumn. The broadcast is held on MTV.

The essence of the story portrayed

The thing is that his large family is living in the same house. Which members does it include specifically? Surely, it is his loving spouse Aisha and his children (one daughter Britteny and two guys named Jeffery Jr. and Jordan). This quite noisy crew is joined by as Ja Rule’s and Aisha’s mothers.
This family surely has a lot of issues to solve including balancing work and raising children who in spite of being quite grown-up continue their powers struggle with parents. However, all the members of this social unit are energetic enough in order to cope with all challenges the life offers to them.
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All the family is fond of enjoying their time together making trips, skiing, camping. Making a long story short, they make for a close-knit family which is spending their time with fun and love included to all their actions and motives.

With regard to rating numbers

With quite a brilliant idea for a serial, the given project turns to be characterized by low ratings. The pioneer season showed that only about 300 thousand people had taken a keen interest in the story itself. This number had also a slight decline in the release of the sequential episodes. So what dissatisfying aspects does the show include particularly?
The concrete thing that the serial is bashed for is reckoned to be the very idea of the project that has been unfortunately passed off as something actual. The serial is considered to be also a mixture of such genres as sitcom and reality show which adds some misbalance to the story that consequently makes the viewers a little bit confused while watching episodes.
The aforementioned opinion cannot be regarded as an objective one as the serial is nevertheless in possession of a considerable fan base that is looking forward the positive news coming from creators.
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What can we say about the renewal for the sophomore chapter?

In spite of the fact that the broadcast has been already put to an end, the creators are tight-lipped about the possible renewal of the show keeping mum even about the cancelation of the story. Frankly speaking, with such low ratings, the cancellation can be a sort of a logical end for the project.
However, while there is no information so far about the possibility of resumption as well as about the Follow the Rules season 2 release date, we should arm ourselves with patience and wait for official statements that should be publicized by the immediate creators in the near future.


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