Flipping Ships Season 2

As another portion of new docu-series on Animal Planet, Flipping Ships turns to narrate to us about the business of Edwin McCain, a popular singer in 90s who is nor busy with invigorating abandoned boats. The series has not been revived for the sophomore installment yet.

Brief review

What can we expect from the programming list on Animal Planet? Surely, it is new shows appearing each year pursuing to provide the audience with a considerable amount of themes for viewing.
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Flipping Ships can be referred specifically to those docu-series that turn to portray the successful attempts of giving a new lease of life to things. Here the object for reinvigorating is boats, abandoned by their owners long ago.
The reality show comes to be broadcasted on Animal Planet some April 2015. The first season consists of six episodes. New parts are already late in coming as the developers are not in a hurry to announce the renewal.
Getting back to the production issues, we should name here O’Malley Productions Company embarking on creating this project with Sean O’Malley (Kid in a Candy Store, Food Paradise) working a spearhead of the team of executives. To this team, we can also refer Melinda Toporoff (America’s Cutest, Ice Cold Gold) and Pat Dempsey (Catfishin’ Kings, My Cat from Hell), the famous executives from Animal Planet.

What is the concept?

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The principal hero is Edwin McCain. After his successful career as a singer in the previous century, he is in need of other business in his life. So boats are his another passion.
His new undertaking turns to be called Boats Have Souls. In each episode of this series, he and his team embark on renovating the abandoned boats giving them another chance to survive in this world.

Getting closer to particulars

Certainly, we are just compelled to name the particular boats that McCain take under his wing. So, they are a rare 1970s Yukon Delta boat, a pontoon boat, as well as a rare truck camper. All of them were at the stage of forging with nature when McCain and his crew found them.

As for ratings

Flipping Ships Season 2 Cast
The series ratings can be reckoned as average due to the theme serving not as a rare and unique one. Nevertheless, for the lovers of boats, this show presents a great interest. Only this fact can push the developers to keep creating the project.

When can we expect the release of the second chapter?

Though the project is referred to the pack that is worth further development, the silence regarding its future is kept. So what are the reasons for such a delay in the launch? When can we enjoy the announcement of the revival as well as of the Flipping Ships season 2 release date? All these questions remain open much to the regret of all of us.
In any case, let’s not hang down our heads and hope for the news to come out in the near future following other projects at the same time on Animal Planet that are also worth your attention.



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