Flipping Out Season 9

Crashed once into the programming list of the Bravo channel, the long-running serial under the title “Flipping Out” is now returning to TV screens in the form of new episodes united into the ninth chapter specifically. The launch is slated for this coming summer.

Short outline of the TV show

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Flipping Out presents TV show about designing and remodeling of damaged houses. It comes to be developed by an American company named Authentic Entertainment and turns to be aired on the Bravo channel which is packed with entertaining shows. The immediate host and inspirer of the show are reckoned to be Jeff Lewis.
The reality project premiered on its channel at the end of July 2007. At the present moment of being, the loyal following of the serial has eight full chapters at the disposal and is longing for the returning down the ground.

Was it there portrayed?

Jeff Lewis serves as a real estate expert who is dealing particularly with redesigning issues in various beat-up houses.  He knows his onions purchasing them in order to turn them further to the luxurious homes by means of a complete redesigning for the sequential selling.  In such a way he made his living acquiring large benefits from his business.
But with the housing bubble pop in 2007, he had to concentrate mainly on the decorating and consulting sides of his enterprise.
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In the latest season, that was brought to airing specifically in the middle of the previous summer, the viewers were following the very roots of the show. Jeff and his brilliant team of experienced professionals embark on the remodeling of houses for certain celebrities including Heather McDonald and Brian Austin Green.

As far as the rating is concerned

Right from the beginning of broadcasting in 2007, the serial turns to be a real breakthrough on television. It was nominated for various awards including Emmy.
With a unanimous appraisal coming from critics, the viewership remains steadily average. This, consequently, creates a firm ground for further development of the story. In order not to beat around the bush, let’s just define this number – about 1 million viewers. It is not as large as it might be expected but sufficient.

The most recent news from reliable resources

About two weeks ago we received breaking news concerning the discussed project. The situation is that the following ninth season of the reality show is aiming to take place under any circumstances. This project alongside with other 13 unscripted shows has been renewed formally. What is about the highlights of the sequential chapter? This question cannot be answered so far.
We are to enjoy remodeling of new houses this upcoming summer if to follow the tradition of the usual timeframe of launch. But as there is no Flipping Out season 9 release date as well as other details of the future chapter, w should keep abreast of the current situation as summer is around the corner.


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