Flip or Flop Season 6

The sixth season of the series now airs and consequently, we cannot hope for the near appearance of data concerning the show fate. Let’s enjoy new episodes together and keep in touch in the case of the early resumption.

Some Main Issues for Keeping Them in Mind

Flip or Flop is a part of the list of programs broadcasted on HGTV. The premiere of the first season was held yet in April 2013. The sixth debut is dated back to August 2016. Thus, the following season if it takes place can be expected in 2017.
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Following the Concept

Renovating houses and then reselling them for greater prices is a good way to make a fortune. Nevertheless, this sphere of business has its traps and pitfalls and without knowing them and the ways to escape them, it is so easy to screw up. However, our characters are pushing their way through these impediments successfully, as they know their onions having worked as real estate agents before the real estate market crashed in 2008.
So what are the names of our characters? They are Tarek and Christina El Moussa, a married couple. Once the market crash took place, they embarked on a new deal that came to be more prosperous. They start their house flipping undertaking. They buy a property where people cannot possibly live in order to renovate them and afterward they resell them for a much greater price. That is their way to earning their living. And what is about you? Do you consider this idea a lucrative one?
Leading The El Moussa Agency, they have already invested in a large number of houses throughout the country. The focus of the story is also often shifted to their personal family life, as they have two children. Thus, the story is not monotonous.

Superb Ratings Is the Way to Renewal

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Though the ratings are strong enough, it is not without criticism towards the show. What is the matter, you may ask, as everything is just perfect according to your view. However, none is of that sort. The reason for criticism is worth paying attention to it.
The thing is that the narration is given in such a way that people watching the show can jump to a conclusion that house flipping is a successful method to get easy money. It is shown that the heroes are making no less than $50 000 per transaction, but this is a bit too much to expect every time. Thus, the story is rather unrealistic and can get people on the wrong way. So, we recommend not to follow the examples of the characters and not embark on this business if you are not acquainted with the real estate business.
Nevertheless, as we have already mentioned, the story is a capturing one with healthy rating figures and thus deserves chances of being renewed and of retaining the status of a settler on its channel. The latest season has garnered, for instance, 2.5 million watchers.
The series is not revived for the seventh chapter so far but we are expecting news at any moment. Herewith be in the swim in order not to miss any kind of inspiring info.
Let’s follow the new episodes that are launched currently. The Flip or Flop season 6 release date is August 25, 2016.



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