Flex & Shanice Season 2

Personal life of celebrities is often the subject of the audience interest. In order to satisfy the viewership, the Flex & Shanice TV show was created. The number of seasons is small so far constituting only one divided into two parts with each one comprising eight episodes.

Basic info on the show

The weekend’s lineup is packed on OWN (short for Oprah Winfrey Network) with amusing shows as usual. The spring and summer nights in 2014 and 2015 correspondingly were notorious for us due to the broadcast of Flex & Shanice, the TV show that is the narrative of the stars’ life and their attempts to cope with the everyday problems. The names of these celebrities are known from the very title of the show.
Flex & Shanice Season 2 Poster
The series’ first season was divided into two parts for airing with the hiatus between them constituting practically one year.
The show creation was behind Lynch-Dyson Entertainment with the team of executives comprising such names as Jeff Dyson, Vernon Lynch, Julie Pizzi, and Patty Ivins.

What is the core of the reality story?

Getting back to the idea of the reality story, it stands to reason to say that the series main characters whose personal life is shown are those from the title. So they are actor Flex Alexander (“One on One"), pop singer Shanice ("I Love Your Smile"). Their family is large enough to be full of interesting events. They live under the same roof and love each other though sometimes being annoyed.

Catching up with the events from the latest part

Flex & Shanice Season 2 Promo
The second part of the series’ first chapter was given a green light amidst previous summer. The pioneer episode was called “Back to Square Onesie” and turned to tell us about Flex searching for a new income stream when his comedy tour falls through while Shanice pitches her onesie line idea to an investor. At the same time, the web series got a flying start.  Crystal storms out of the house when feeling that he is disrespected by Flex.

As for reception

The ratings of the series are on a much healthy level. The final episodes were included in the 5 top list of projects on OWN. On the whole, the two-part release was nothing but a true success delivering great ratings and thus profit to the channel. Consequently, it is much probable that the show will be a settler for the following several years. And now, let’s turn to the concrete news we have now available for you.
Flex & Shanice Season 2 Cast

Following recent developments

The impressive results just add to tour hopes that the series will be turned into a settler on OWN. The renewal has already taken place and therefore, we can be now certain that the second chapter will come our sometime later this year if following the fact that the latest premiere is dated back to the previous year.
The Flex & Shanice season 2 release date is surely so far unknown. Nevertheless, it should be somewhere around the corner. That is why we recommend you being in the swim in the case some inspiring info appears.



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