Five Day Flip Season 2

Five Day Flip is a regular home renovation show airing on the HGTV channel. The pioneer season release date is February 3, 2016. The cast of producers includes Patrick Beedle, Liz Kerrigan, and John Kitchener. The studio behind the fabrication is Magnetic Productions.

Following the Concept

Cherie Barber and her crew of professionals are ready to embark on a case in each new episode. The revamp process comes to be done within only five days. Can you imagine this? This does not contribute to the quality of the work. Everything is made in the proper way.
Five Day Flip Season 2 Cast
As the result, real estate properties with poor conditions are transformed in the most beautiful places for living. Moreover, on this show, everything that can be retained is saved and the rest part of the property is renovated with various refreshing methods.
Sometimes, they work all days and nights long in order to present a completely renovated house in five days to buyers who will offer a high price for their hard labor. They are always pressed for time but they do not need extra days, as they manage to make everything ready at the very nick of time. Meanwhile, the drama is always kept whether they can do everything in time.

Impressive Rating Figures

The series is noted for great rating numbers. The freshman season premiere has been noted for 1.2 million watchers. This level was maintained through the whole course of the run. The score on IMDb is not so impressive – middling 5.3 points out of 10. Yet it is enough to create more than one installment and announce the second season air date.
Five Day Flip Season 2 Spoiler
As for the reviews, they are positive. Ordinary watchers receive the story where the leading character is a successful woman with flying flowers.

No News about the Future

When can we expect the release of info about the future of the project? Will the verdict be favorable? The main heroine of the show is an energetic lady whose charming appearance attracts the audience of both males and females. Many homes are still waiting for their opportunity to become the immediate object of renovation on this show.
Thus, the chances of renewal are high and we should expect the appearance of something new in the nearest period of time, as the series first season has appeared at the start of this year that is already about to be over.


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