Fit to Fat to Fit Season 2

Is your heart full of doubts regarding whether to join the team of those who workout or not? Do you have a weight problem? Do you feel a lack of incentives to start your body transformations? Ten trainers will make a fresh start together with you in order to provide you with personal support. Watch the second season on A&E at the start of the next year.

Some Main Issues About the Show

The first season of the show with a unique idea for depiction appeared on television in January 2016. The whole team of executives has been working on it including such ones as Dan Partland, Jay Renfroe, David Gafinkle, Jeff Gaspin, Shelly Tatro, Brad Abramson, and Rick Hankley. The series is a prosperous effort of collaboration between Renegade 83 and Gaspin Media.
Fit to Fat to Fit Season 2 Poster
These are facts you should know about the project as about the whole thing but now it is time to step closer to the ideas conveyed.

Unique Concept Resulting in Controversy

Motivational programs turn to be unexpectedly controversial as well but the matter is not in this. Whether to accept or not is a personal choice but as it seems to us there is nothing horrible in such ideas.
As the title of the series suggests, the double transformation of bodies should be arranged on this show. The trainers from all corners of the country decide to play the role of their clients in order to make themselves feel the taste of their sufferings when trying to get a healthy body shape. In which way, you may ask, can they do  it? Well, the only one obvious way is to become overweight.
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Yes, we are not kidding. Trainers get fat to the ends of making a fresh start together with their clients. Thus, there are pairs in the series consisting of one trainer and one ordinary person who is overweight. Working in harness, they have more chances to achieve their purpose.
As for the aspect of the controversy, some people consider it an unhealthy approach to the problem, as it presents some danger for trainers’ health. Meanwhile, others are appreciating the efforts of trainers to become closer to their clients.

How was It Received?

The mixed type of reviews has influenced the average rating level of the show. The numbers are fluctuating between 0.3 and 0.7 million viewers. It can be, nevertheless, enough to keep producing the story, in any case, as the idea is worthy being unique and pretty motivational for those residents of the USA who still hesitate whether to shape up or not.
Fit to Fat to Fit Season 2 Cast

Following Latest News

Creating much buzz, the series gets renewed for another installment and this cannot actually disappoint us. The start of development was yet at the beginning of this already past summer when castings of new trainers were arranged. All new ones have been chosen and it is time to commence shooting new episodes which we can expect only in 2017.
Do not wait for the early announcement of the Fit to Fat to Fit season 2 release date. We will notify you of it as soon as it appears if you subscribe to our service.


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