First Dates Season 8

The successful debut of the latest chapter has been held in August 2016. So, this year, we may not expect any verdicts concerning the series future though an early announcement should not be considered as impossible. Follow us, thus, in order to be in the swim.

General Overview

The project we are going to discuss now is an integral part of the programming list of Channel 4. It is a British reality show that gets the single hearts unite.
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The broadcast has been pretty successfully held since 2013. Fabricated by Twenty Twenty, the series has seven installments under its belt. The success of the story is traced through the increase of the amount of episodes from season to season – 6, 8, 9, and then already 16. Nevertheless, the latest chapter includes only five parts for unknown reasons.
The team of executives here is composed of Simon Dickson, Meredith Chambers, Kathleen Larkin, and Kate Morey.
The TV show is aired also throughout the globe and has got an Australian variant of it also. The premiere of the latest chapter has been held in this August 2016.

Concerning the Concept

There is no waiting for us to describe the idea of the show, as it is clear as day right from the title. It is one of the shows that narrate about how to find your second half.
Brian Protheroe hosts the given series. The date is not, however, organized and held in s traditional way – a man and a woman eat a meal on a blind date and then refresh their experiences on camera.
The blind date gives an opportunity to feel the person without paying attention to the features of his or her appearance that may not be to taste to them.
This method turns to show efficiency – people become couples more and more often. Thus, the series is of a great social use – it helps to create new healthy relationships and, consequently, families with loving parents.
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Audience Feedback

The series has been extended throughout its course. The latest chapter, for instance, includes already 24 episodes. The reasons for it is simple – the stable level of popularity.
The score on IMDb constitutes 7.6 points out of 10. This is not superb yet more than average. After the release of the second chapter in 2014, the reality show was announced as the Best Dating TV Show at the UK Dating Awards.
As for the viewership, here we are dealing with average yet strong rating numbers fluctuating between 1 and 1.3 million watchers.

There is No Stopping First Dates

There is no essence in canceling the reality story, as ratings, and consequently, the profit from the project are great. The series is popular due to the very possibility of dating in the epoch of online connections between people that lead to nothing in the majority of cases.
To make a long story short, the future revival is something imminent but we should wait for is already next year. There is no expecting the First Dates season 8 release date so far.


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