Finding Prince Charming Season 2

The genre of TV series, which is based on the format of meetings and dating, has been actively developed by the authors all over the world. But the show, which started on September 8, 2016 on VH1 channel, is a completely new type of program, the basis of which is dating not between a man and a woman, but between the two men. The format of Finding Prince Charming, an exclusive gay project, was borrowed from the world famous series The Bachelor, and in principle, it doesn’t differ from its predecessor.
However, a non-standard type of the program that was presented in the form of a full season, has already earned popularity among a certain stratum of society. The fans of the show around the world, inspired by the success of the first season, recently received an answer to the question that they were so worried about: Finding Prince Charming season 2 is renewed — release date to be announced quite soon. It is known that the new season air date take place in the nearest future and the coming series will have the same peculiarities as the previous one.
Finding Prince Charming Season 2 Cast

Creators Crew

The host of the show is Lance Bass, an American actor and pop singer famous for his homosexual orientation. The producers helping him in making the program are Fred Birckhead, Brian Graden (the founder of the TV company), Stevenson Greenem, Chris McCarthy, Dave Mace and Pamela Post. The company producing the project is Brian Graden Media. The channel broadcasting the program is VH1.
The first season included 8 episodes; there is still no accurate information about the next season premiere, but the public believes that each new episode of season two will be as interesting as the previous ones.

Cast and Brief Review

The cast of season 1 may be described as vivid and various. Among the participants that are worth mentioning are:
Finding Prince Charming Season 2 Spoiler

  • Eric Leonardos (the winner);
  • Paul Hollowell;
  • Justin Roisom;
  • Brandon Kneefel;
  • Dillon Powell and others.

The main character of the show is a bachelor, who is located in a house with thirteen single men. They constantly meet one another, and during their dates the so-called Prince chooses the most liked guy and removes those whom he doesn’t take a fancy to. At the end of the project there is a serious choice for the main man connected with which of the parties he will stay. This format is very similar to the famous The Bachelor; the main difference is homosexual partners.

Terms of Renewal

It is already known today that the series is officially renewed for season 2. At the very moment the creators are searching for a suitable bachelor. But the fans will not stay aside: the authors will give them the chance to choose the character they will like the most, and when it happens the return of Finding Prince Charming is sure to be announced. There is no much time till the new season release date, and the lovers of the show are waiting for this with great tension.


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