Filthy Riches Season 3

Being determined to earn their living, the members of the real cast of Filthy Riches get down and dirty in order to make a profit. The series is a newbie on National Geographic and has been waiting for the verdict from its developers since the previous May.

About the show with filthy participants

On the National Geographic Channel, watchers are given opportunities to follow various projects that turn to narrate about our mother nature. One of them is Filthy Riches that is telling about ingenious Americans who get their hands dirty to make a living by hunting and fishing.
Filthy Riches Season 3 Poster
The creative team is composed of producers from Half Yard Productions named Greg Smith, Abby Greensfelder, Sean Gallagher, Brian Skope and Kathleen Cromley. The pioneer part appeared on April 20, 2014, and consisted of 8 episodes.

What is the idea?

We have described already the general idea of the show and now let’s get into particulars. So the participants of the show are mushroom hunters, fishermen, ginseng hunters, and Burl tree hunters who go about collecting their items.
The hunters, being industrious and ingenious Americans who prove they’re not afraid to embark on the most hazardous work, are living in the various corners of the USA. The series creative team is traveling the country in search for them.
And now let’s define some of these members naming them as follows: Ray Turner (eel fisherman), Jim Campbell and Andy Johns (bloodworm diggers), Billy Taylor, Greg Dahl and Albert "Al" DeSilva (burl hunters), Caleb Taylor and Levi Monroe (ginseng hunters), Chris Matherly and Levena Holmes (mushroom hunters).
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What is going on in the sophomore chapter?

The second season premiere was set in the previous May. There we were lucky to follow Ray Turner as he is building his greatest weir ever. David LaGrange, Keith Major and Keith’s son Seth, who are reckoned to be alligator hunters are opening a new season while worm diggers Jim Campbell and Andy Johns are anxious to return to the mud and bring a great profit to their homes.

Positive reviews and healthy viewership

The series is noted for the critically favorable reception. The viewership is also great and healthy with all ordinary watchers being involved in the hunting process.
What is the reason for the series being so popular? The answer is clear as day. The thing is that the series is providing us with an insight into another side of America and also is showing its picturesque countryside.
Filthy Riches Season 3 Cast

Can we expect the third season?

The probability is that there are all chances that the series will be renewed for the third chapter, as the reception is inspiring. On the other side of the fence, there is a detention in the announcing of the verdict concerning the series future. The Filthy Riches season 3 release date remains surely unknown now.
Consequently, we are left now in the cold being unable to do anything but to arm ourselves with patience and wait for the better news to come off as soon as possible.


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