Fat Chance Season 2

How often have you been thinking about getting rid of this annoying layer of fat? There is no time for thinking anymore. Start improving your body together with participants of the show under the title “Fat Chance” and you will become a successful person just in a couple of weeks.

Getting closer to the project

As an inspiring part of the programming list of the TLC channel, Fat Chance is a reality show that gives chances to those people whose overweight is nothing but an obvious fact.
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The series production is behind 3 Ball Entertainment and specifically such company executives as James Kowats, J.D. Roth, Brant Pinvidic, and Todd A. Nelson. With the current amount of episodes constituting eight, the series has obtained a controversial reputation but about this let’s speak a bit later.

Start today and your success becomes closer

You are not allowed to feel pity for yourself anymore. It is hard to start but and here a strong motivation is needed to overcome this emotional barrier. What is your motivation? Maybe the success of others? Why should your power of will be the weakest?
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The motivation is a great thing and you will be supplied with it while watching this show. This project is of a survival type, by the way. So only the strongest participants are allowed. But here there is a certain twist in the story, particularly the motivation of all members of the show. They are all united in their wish to be able to express their romantic feelings for someone special. This romantic turn of events adds to the success of the story, surely. In order to make their wish come true, they need to become thinner.
In each episode, we are submerging into another story of a person who is eager to achieve success in his or her private life, as well as to obtain the so-needed inner harmony.

Is it worth joining the fan base of the series?

With the average viewership that constitutes, by the way, about 0.7 million people, the show is considered to be a questionable case. What is the reason for this? The thing is that the audience is divided into those who find the whole premise demeaning and those who find it inspiring enough. To what side are you referring yourself specifically? The first side considers that this type of approach will never lead to either emotional well-being or a healthy relationship with food. The latter ones are inspired by the courage of the show participants.
Fat Chance Season 2 Cast
In any case, we believe that the body transformation is a good challenge that the people with overweight should face for the sake of their health that is the priority.

When can we expect the release of another chapter?

The sophomore installment is still the undetermined future of the series. The chances of the renewal are good owing to the originality of the idea conveyed. Stay tuned if you follow the purpose of receiving any kind of news concerning this motivational project.


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