Fantasy Factory Season 8

Another MTV project that is a settler, by the way, on it has been on the hook, for the previous year when the seventh season was green lit. According to the stories in the life of Dyrdek shown in the project, the series is a promising one. Though the course may have been already finished, we are still hoping for the renewal for the eighth season.

Brief review

As another title shows us, that is Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory, Rob here is the spearhead. He has achieved the unbelievable heights on the path of his career development. And now he is pursuing to share his personal secrets of success just in this very show broadcasted on the MTV channel accessible in the USA.
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The release of the first chapter was held back in 2009. Thus, for about seven years we are lucky to enjoy this project on our TV screens.

What are the concept and the real storyline?

The series is a brain child of the host of the show named Rob Dyrdek. He is a wonderful person serving as a president of various enterprises including Dyrdek Enterprises, Street League Skateboarding, Rob Dyrdek’s Wild Grinders, as well as a former star of Rob & Big. He also the developer of another show on MTV entitled Ridiculousness.
Here in the series, he is showing how he is balancing the two sides of his life – business and pleasure. It is a hard challenge for anyone of us. And here we are given an insightful look of the best ways to face it. By the way, Dyrdek’s cousin named Christopher "Drama" Pfaff serves as his assistant here.
The show is noted for the appearing of various guests there including Ryan Sheckler, John Mayer, Danny Way, Ludacris, and Johnny Knoxville and Chris Pontius from Jackass.

Regarding some flashbacks and latest developments

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Though having been popular enough, the series had been suffering from trying times when the cancellation has been announced. The sixth cycle was declared to the last one much to the regret of all of us, the loyal followers of the series. Nevertheless, in 2014, the twist in the situation took place and it was a rather unexpected yet joyful turn.
So, in 2014m the series was reincarnated and the seventh chapter was promised to be started. Such was the announcement of producers of the home channel of the series. Thus, the TV network was not changed.
The latest premiere was held in the previous Mach. However, since then, we have heard practically nothing about even the possibility of the future resumption. Is that the reason to start worrying? Or is it just a delay and we should just wait for some time. The developers are loath to giving at least hints. And we are left in the cold. Thus, we have nothing to do but to embark on guesswork.
We are not under the illusion that the Fantasy Factory season 8 release date will appear in the near future as even the resumption is questionable. In any case, we recommend you staying tuned in the case some info appears.


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