Fancy Boy Season 2

Among a large variety of comedy shows, which in huge numbers air on almost every television channel every year, the project Fancy Boy, which was recently shown on an Australian TV channel ABC2, deserves special attention. The series is produced in the same country, which has long won the right to compete with Western television. In this series, there are compilations of comedy fragments, and the most interesting part here is its characters. Thanks to the bright cast the show looks very lively and cheerful, and a fairly standard genre of sketches is compensated for by excellent acting and unusual images. That’s why after the last episode of the first season ended, the audience began to worry about the possibility of watching a renewed part of the show and began to ask the authors the next question: when will Fancy Boy season 2 be premiered? Release date of the second season premiere is still shrouded in mystery, and if the popularity of the program will be enough the creators will certainly return their product on TV and its coming will be followed by viewers’ joy.

Authors and Creators

The first new episode of the series was introduced to the public at the end of 2016, on 8th December. Season one included 6 parts and the last one was shown on January 12, 2017.
Fancy Boy Season 2 date release

The director of this Australian program is Colin Cairnes, and the producers who are also responsible for the new season air date are such people as:

  • Dan Kerstetter;
  • Evan Shapiro;
  • Nicole Minchin;
  • Kelsey Balance;
  • Stuart Menzies.

Fancy Boy is produced by the companies Checkpoint Media and December Media; the channel which is likely to present the series new episode is ABC2 (in the US it is broadcasted on the platform Seeso).
Fancy Boy Season 2

About the Series

In this show, as it’s already been already mentioned, all the interest lies in the images of the characters. The comicality of the participants in the project and the Versatility of the actors make it possible for them to reincarnate in a variety of characters: an impulsive young couple kidnapping a child, a mother struggling with her careless son, an artist with unusual behaviors, and many other very different images, many of which are performed by the same actors:

  • Jonathan Shuster;
  • John Campbell;
  • Henry Stone;
  • Greg Larsen;
  • Anne Edmonds;
  • Stuart Daulman and many others.

Fancy Boy Season 2

Viewers’ Expectations and Rating

By now the series has got a rating of 6.1/10, but nevertheless, it still has got many fans waiting for the announcement of the second season release date. It’s still unknown when new season start is scheduled by the crew of authors, but it’s impossible to say that the show Fancy Boy won’t be released any more. Stay tuned to hear useful information and follow the news from the authors.

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