Fameless Season 2

Being created for entertainment, the series under the short but rather exact name “Fameless” has obtained its official revival for the following second round that is expected to hit American television this particular summer. The concreteness in terms of release dates is not available so far.

Concerning the whole new project

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Noted as a joint venture of such companies as Electus and Entertainment One, the series is gaining traction in the shape of the series with quite a unique genre. Specifically, we deal with the mixture of such styles as prank show and sketch comedy being wrapped in the reality show.
The series is gathering its loyal following on the American channel called TruTV. Being the feather in David Spade’s cap who is reckoned also to be a leader of the team of executives, the series was opened amidst antecedent summer.
The initial number of episodes is reckoned to be eight but after realizing the fact the series is making headway, this amount turns to be extended to 18 with the additional ten parts being scheduled to premiere in this past January after the wintry intermission.

The mixture of reality and prank shows

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Presenting a hilarious blend in its nature, the unscripted story follows a brand new team of professionals as they are taking absolutely new parts for mastering starting from leading a competition series to becoming an immediate contestant in a home renovation challenge.
What comes to be the most interesting is that all of them consider that they are reckoned to be a part of the reality show, while in reality only one member of the group can be referred to the team of true contestants.

How was this blend of genres appreciated?

Though being entertaining in its nature, the serial has turned to be appreciated mainly for its core idea which lies specifically in people’s irresistible desire to gain fame no matter what means should be applied in order to reach this goal. So it is a kind of experiment aiming to reveal all evil sides of humans when they want something with all their hearts.
The serial hasn’t come as a sweeping victory on American television but a large amount of favorable reviews as well as the amount of viewership reaching the point of 0.5 million watchers (this number is quite promising for such channel as TruTV) is pushing the developers to keep continuing the reality story.
Fameless Season 2 Cast

With regard to the latest news

As it has been expected in fact, the serial resumption was felt in the air. And quite recently, our expectations were proved with the appearance of the official revival for the second installment as well as with the formal extension of the number of episodes to 12. The announcement was made particularly at the annual Upfront Presentation alongside with the renewal of a set of other series aired on TruTV.
The serial is expected to premiere for the second time this particular summer. As there is no Fameless season 2 release date, we should be ready to obtain news any day.


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