Fake Off Season 3

Competitions on TV screen are now one of the most popular types of entertaining programs. This one has passed through the first successful season and now it’s in its second season. Created by Chris Culvenor together with the presenter of the show named Corbin Bleu it consists of 8 episodes in total. Started on the 27th of October 2014 and hasn’t been cancelled yet. Ten groups of contestants participate in various competitions with elements of acrobatics, illusion, theatrical competitions and more…


It’s a knock-out type competition. The host of Fake Off is Robert Hoffman. There are three judges in the show. They are Harry Shum, Jr. (an actor and a dancer), Rozonda Thomas (pop star) and Michael Curry (a well-known talented choreographer).
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The competition is held between 10 teams. Each week they are given a new task to perform. The performers have to deal with one of the themes of pop-culture. Themes can be completely different including Action Films, Reality TV projects, The Landing on the Moon and The Olympic Games. Every team has a week to work on their short performance – only 90 seconds. The performance is called a Fake. This Fake is judged by the professional jury and the viewers in the studio. The team whose Fake recieved the worst score gets eliminated.

The Fake

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The Fakes are visual projects, performances or sort of artful theatrical installations with the participation of real people. These performances are combined with special effects recreated with the help of on-stage mechanical equipment and techniques. The contestants continue creating their fakes, fighting for the title of Best Fakers and money prize of $100,000.


Fake Off competition show got a fairly positive reception both from critics and from the viewers. It was launched in October of 2014 and since that time it was called flashy and a lot more exciting than dancing and singing competition contests. It’s one of the best non-script shows on TV showing real emotions and talent of the contestants. It, mesmerizing, it’s fresh and always highly anticipated. We’re willing to see the new broadcasts!

Release Date

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Due to the positive ratings and regularly growing viewership, the show was renewed for two more additional seasons. The release dates are unknown and yet to be scheduled, so please, stay connected not to miss the premiere episode of the upcoming seasons!


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