F in Fabulous Season 2

F in Fabulous is a new reality show on the BET channel with the first broadcast starting from summer 2016. Exactly, the freshman season release date is June 28, 2016.
As for the creative team, it comprises the executives from Leepson Bounds Entertainment named David Leepson and Doron Ofir. That is all we should know in brief about the production and airing matters that’s why let’s just turn to the concept.

Luxury Life of Four Friends in New York

F in Fabulous Season 2 Spoiler
At the center of narration, there are four people connected to each other by the ties of friendship, as they lead their successful and luxurious lives in the New York City. Four friends that form the show cast are celebrities to one or another extent:

  • Kamie Crawford,
  • Savannah Lynx,
  • Eny Oh,
  • Stephon Mendoza.

They present various professional fields. For instance, Kamie is an actress and model, while Savannah is a rising star of singing. Eny specializes in image making and PR. Meanwhile, Stephon is a promising fashion designer.

Average Results

F in Fabulous Season 2 Cast
The first season premiere garnered 0.4 million watchers in June. The subsequent reaction to the show broadcast was noted for the less anxiety – only 0.3 million people per each new episode and then dropping to 0.2 million. Critics do not receive the story considering it meaningless and never exciting.
That is quite disappointing and can mean the cancellation yet the second chance is possible for the reason that there is no essence in launching only one installment, though the history of television knows many of such examples.
What do you personally feel regarding this show? Is it inspiring for you to follow the lives of prosperous people or not? Does the series have its significant core? How do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Renewal Predictions

It is hard to speak of the series possibility of being renewed for the next chapter in the following year. The fate is still obscure and only the developers can dispel all doubts when announcing the confirmation of the second installment and the F in Fabulous season 2 release date. If everything is great with the resumption, the next season air date will be exposed next year.
As the future is murky, let’s monitor the situation together with us until something becomes exposed. Stay tuned for updates!


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