Extreme Weight Loss Season 6

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you just cannot will yourself into making your body slimmer? Extreme Weight Loss is coming to help you on this issue. The show is currently on the bubble that makes us monitor the situation with much prudence.

Brief review

The series idea is clear from taking a look at the very title, therefore, let’s get right to the behind-the-scene crew. Primarily, the reality series is the project broadcasted on the ABC channel in the USA. The production of the series was spearheaded by executives from 3 Ball Entertainment, specifically JD Roth, Todd A. Nelson, Matt Assmus and Brant Pinvidic.
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And now a quick retrospective journey into the history of the project. It is rather curious that the original title of the TV show is “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition”. Nevertheless, then it was changed to a shorter version. The thing is that the first title was inspired by the original concept of Extreme Makeover, the premise of this show, where individuals receive life-changing makeovers. As the final portion of the general info about the show, we should mention the first premiere date – it is May 30, 2011. So the project is a settler on ABC and consequently is much appreciated by the audience.

Weight losing a worthy thing to be involved in

Being short enough, the show concept summary can be as follows: it is a project centering on people who are willing to lose their overweight and they are given a course of one year to achieve their goal.
There are eight participants in the show. They embark on changing their massive bodies and lives on the whole under the guide of an experienced trainer named Chris Powell.

The latest premiere and participants of the show

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The fifth and the latest premiere was held in the previous May, as the traditional launch timeframe needs it. The first episode includes portraying such stars as Greats Kobe Bryant, Byron Scott, Steve Nash, and James Worthy.
Among others we should also underline Chris Bosh (Miami Heat), swimming champion Amy Van Dyken (six Olympic Gold medals), NFL star LeSean McCoy (previously with the Philadelphia Eagles/currently on the Buffalo Bills), soccer great Mia Hamm (two-time Women’s World Cup champion + four-time Olympic Gold medal winner), actress and Autism advocator Holly Robinson Peete, soccer great Mia Hamm (two-time Women’s World Cup champion + four-time Olympic Gold medal winner), and Mario Andretti (one of the most successful Americans in the history of auto racing).

What is about the renewal?

The situation is much strange and it seems like the series has gone on a long hiatus as there is not confirmation of the next fifth installment but the time is passing and May 2016 has not seen any updates on the project, regretfully. The Extreme Weight Loss season 6 release date is unknown certainly. And so far there is no way out but to keep our fingers crossed in favor of the better news to come off.


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