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The British variant of the popular channel called MTV has already gladdened the fans of the reality show “Ex on the Beach” renewing it for the fifth chapter. To receive news concerning the exact launch date of the upcoming chapter, keep abreast of the situation together with our service.

What is it known about this very project?

Ex on the Beach Season 5 Poster
Ex on the Beach is made as a project chasing the goal of creating love connections from single men and women while their spending summer on the paradise island. The serial is developed by the British company named as Whizz Kid Entertainment. The narration comes to be provided with an illustrious comedian named Andrew Maxwell. So the serial is not lacking in various hilarious jokes and humor in general.
There is no doubting that the serial cannot be developed properly without participation of experienced executives in it. So this marvelous super-team of executive producers comes to be spearheaded by Suzanne Readwin.
The long run of this reality series started as far back as at the end of April 2014. Two years seem like not a great age for such type of reality projects. But within them, the entire 4 seasons were given birth with the most recent one premiering in the middle of January this year. This latest season has bowed out also quite recently if to be more concrete on March 22. So it is high time to expect the appearance of another installment.

Reaching the essence of the reality show

Ex on the Beach enlarges upon the lives of a group of young people who are taking part in the so-called quest pursuing to find their second half. At first blush, the scenario may seem a little bit usual and tiresome as there is a variety of projects which narrate about people’ attempts to find love. The thing is that the situation is increasingly intense in its nature when former partners of these singles move in to their paradise place. So their ordinary and settled lives promise to be shaken up at all events. Each ex is following either the desire of inflict revenge on the former partner or the wish to pick up the thread of their past love.

What does the current season propose to us?

In the most recent installment we are to follow Jordan Davies and Megan McKenna coming back to the island, together with reincarnation of such characters as Scott Timlin and Lewis Good. Some celebrities appear in the paradise adding more interest to the story depicted.
Ex on the Beach Season 5 Cast

When can we wait for the return of the serial?

Before the final episode of the forth chapter was launched, the developers of this show made an inspiring announcement in which they stated the revival of the story. So the loyal following of this project can sigh with relief as they are to follow the developments of relationships of the renowned characters down the road. With the certain heroes that are going to return in the next installment being so unknown, the serial has not been yet scheduled for the Ex on the Beach season 5 release date.


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