Euros of Hollywood Season 2

Find a person in our modern days who has not ever thought about achieving their personal dreams. It is hard to do as all of us are dreaming of something all the time. The American dream turns to be the most popular and though it can be individual, all people pursuing it are united in achieving success in their lives.

Making a short sketch

Euros of Hollywood is a freshman series staying now as a part of the programming list on the Bravo channel. Created by the member of the crew of CORE Media Group, it comes to be executive produced by Jennifer O’Connell (The Real Housewives of New York City), Andrew Hoegl (Flipping Out) and Rob Lee (The Millionaire Matchmaker).
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The series’ first and so far the latest opening was held in November 2014. The season duration constituted two months with the final ninth episode wrapping up on December 30, 2014.

What is here chronicled?

Now it is time to get closer to a more interested issue for discussion – the very essence of the TV show.
The main participants of the reality project are six people from different European countries. All of them inhabit Los Angeles. The chronicle of their lives is given here particularly.
They are united in achieving the American dream. Surely, each of them has tier own goals with their individual versions of the American dream. Their charisma and ambitions are talking the interest the audiences specifically.
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The characters are various there including a pop diva known as the “Madonna of Albania” and a Prada-wearing self-proclaimed “Italian Renaissance man”. The latter one is following a dream to make it big in Hollywood and win an Oscar. So, we are wishing him good luck and are set to naming other participants. They are Jannik Olander from Denmark Isabel Adrian from Sweden, Fawni from Austria, Sascha Gerecht from Germany, Massimo Dobrovic from Italy, and Bleona Qereti from Albania.

When can we expect the announcement of the resumption for the second cycle?

The situation is such that the series resumption for the sophomore is still questionable though almost two years have gone since the first premiere. What is going on? Is that an end of the story? Do the developers lack in ideas for bringing them into life? What is the reason for such a delay?
Euros of Hollywood Season 2 Cast
The sad news about cancellation has not been brought in so far but it is felt that the series close is something that can be now taken for granted. Still, there is a tiny hope for the best future. But is it worth waiting? In any case, you will decide for yourself whether to expect it or not. However, we recommend you paying attention to other amusing projects broadcasted on the Bravo channel while waiting for the announcement of the Euros of Hollywood season 2 release date. Stay tuned together with us in order to be notified about any changes in the situation timely and at first hand no matter whether they are going to be inspiring or sad.


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