Escaping Polygamy Season 2

A new reality documentary referred to as “Escaping Polygamy” was brought to airing back in the middle of the previous summer. Since that time, nothing could be heard from the developers of this particular project. So there is nothing in the course but to wait for the official news to come.

Talking of the production aspects of the new project

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Being made as a multipart film in the genre of a documentary, the serial under the reference of “Escaping Polygamy” focuses on the idea of escaping from the polygamous cult known as the Kingston clan.
As for now, the serial comes to be composed only from one season. The premiere of the serial taking place in the middle of the antecedent summer was set specifically on the American channel titled LMN. As for the concrete production studio, it is RIVR Media.

What is here portrayed?

The story depicted in the documentary chronicled the lives of three sisters named Andrea, Jessic and Shannell as they tried and succeeded in escaping the inscrutable and sometimes straightforward terrifying world of polygamy as young girls more than ten years ago.  So the very idea of the story is depicting all aspects of a scandalous American subculture of polygamy.
Since then they have embarked on helping other young men, women and small kids who are searching for strength in their minds which can lead them to escaping the abusive polygamous lifestyle and making a fresh start in an unfamiliar world.
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In the pioneer season, we are to follow six episodes being introduced to the principal characters at once while they have been assisting in the case of another sister escape against the backdrop of resistance.

Regarding commentaries towards the newcomer

Being quite original in the nature of its theme, the serial has garnered middling reviews including rather disappointing ones. Consequently, the fate of the serial has been put into jeopardy unfortunately with the storyline being rather promising to be developed in the future.

Getting closer to the possible cancellation

Escaping Polygamy Season 2 Cast
As we have already mentioned, there exist some doubts concerning the very possibility of the resumption of the serial for the second installment. These doubts are well-grounded including the reason that lies in the long time ago organized release of the pioneer chapter.
No matter what turn of events we will face finally, there is sense to keep abreast of the new installments coming from the official accounts of the developers on social networks including Facebook and Twitter. With our service, you don’t need to monitor these multiple yet reliable resources of data relating to this very serial. We are going to do it for you.
So stay tuned with us in order to be get information timely straight from the horse’s mouth and you will be notified about the Escaping Polygamy season 2 release date as well as concerning the announcement of the resumption of the story.


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