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Currently, the creators of the reality show about wild nature of Alaska are to decide the fate of the show. According to the level of ranking the serial is really worth waiting for. So let’s hold out hope for better news to come from official resources.

Brief review: genre, creation studio, premiere date of two seasons

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Edge of Alaska presents a documentary multipart film in the shape of the reality show fabricated by Twofour America specifically for Discovery Channel. The opening of the pioneer season was held in the middle of fall 2014. The latest season appeared in the late summer 2015. At a present time, the viewers have only 2 chapters in hand and expect the appearance of the third one.

What does the project present in itself?

The action is set in the remote territories in one of the states of US. Here one settlement is situated. In the beginning of the 20th century, it was a golden city. But at a present moment of being it is practically absolutely deserted. It makes a refuge for people who are hiding in order not to be found for a great number of reasons. The number of the deserted town inhabitants constitutes only 42 people.
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They seem to like to be courageous enough to exist in such wild conditions being isolated from other residents of this state who are living about 100 miles long from this place. This is nothing but the Old West. The main character of the show is McCarthy. He and other members of the show are to face the challenge proposed by the wild and severe nature with all its dreadful rules. For example, right in the beginning of the sophomore chapter they should somehow resist the wolves as they try to follow visitors to investigate their historic frontier town.
What is considered to be the most significant issue for the town’s fate is that the residents should make an important decision whether to follow a frontier path of life or to be forced into the modern age.

When can we expect the appearance of the third chapter?

Though the sophomore chapter of the given reality show has been already brought to an end, the developers seem like deciding t whet the appetite of the admirers of the show being not in a hurry to provide them with the official confirmation about the future launch of the third chapter. Whether it is to take place, thus, is at the current moment unknown.
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It presents also an obvious fact that on the official website of the channel as well as on the accounts of the developers on Facebook and Twitter there is no information available about the Edge of Alaska season 3 release date. So we have nothing to do at a present moment of time but to arm ourselves with patience and look forward to the appearance at least some hints about the possibility of the show being renewed for the following chapter.
Let’s hope that the developers will make the choice in favor of the further continuation of the story. Otherwise, they will lose a project that is really worth being produced at least for the following several years.


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