Dual Survival Season 9

Every person should know how to make fire, get water, and hunt for food. For what purposes? Well, everything may happen to us. The civilized world is what makes us feel comfortable and forget about our roots. Nevertheless, we should not forget about Nature, as it can bring us to such situations that skills of survivalists can become of much use.

Shortly About the Survival Program

The reality show is a long-running project on Discovery Channel. The freshman season was opened in June 2010.
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We have eight full seasons for following and the current ninth one being broadcasted. If to be more concrete the Dual Survival season 9 release date is August 24, 2016.
The trio of Charlie Corwin, Brian Nashel, and French Horwitz is behind the development of the survival story where the experts are set to accept the challenge of going through difficulties presented by Mother Nature

Conceptual Foundation

Two brave men, two experts in surviving are set to show how to live through various dangerous life situations. The story has its scenario, so it is a predicted one but at the same time created based on real cases.
The scripts are different starting from deserted islands and ending in arid deserts. The days spent in a certain place is specified in advance. For this determined period of time, the survivalist should make a shelter, get water and food and make a fire in order not to get cold.
The dramatic aspect of the story is imminent, as the participants of the show do not coincide in their opinions when it comes down to deciding how to proceed with the mission. Surely, they should find a touch point, as tight cooperation is the main thing is surviving. It is for this exact reason that two earlier members of the show, Dave Canterbury, and Cody Lundin, were allowed go as hosts together after the release of the sixth season.
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Latest Developments in the Story

The current cycle is showing combat veteran EJ Snyder and survival expert and hunter Jeff Zausch, as they face the extreme difficulties working in harness.
First, they embark on a journey to Louisiana coastal swamps. Then, savannah in the south of Brazil and caverns in the Georgian Caucasus mountains are ready to accept them. But will this invitation be friendly? We are afraid that nothing of this sort.
The intense story keeps us glued to our screens, as the duo is trying to achieve mutual understanding when going through hard challenges.

Results of the Current Release and Chances of Renewal

There is no wondering that the series ratings are declining now. The long history of the project serves as the main reason for that. As of today, the viewership constitutes 0.8 million watchers. The level is still decent, nevertheless, providing us with a hope that the tenth season will appear next summer.
Stay tuned with us if you are hungry for updates as the revival can be announced this year.


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