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Documentary series produced by the world-famous National Geographic have always had a great success among the public due to the high quality of filming and the most reliable facts. One of such channel’s projects has been broadcasted in the world for more than six years and is called “Drugs, Inc.” The show takes place in the genre of the documentary series, and its main goal is the study and analysis of the production of drugs and methods of their illegal supply to the world market. It is worth noting that the program does not incur any promotional ideas and pursues educational purposes only. At the moment it has been presented 8 seasons of this extraordinary project, and its fans have a logical question: when will “Drugs, Inc.” return for season 9? Release Date hasn’t been announced by the creators yet, but all the lovers hope for soon continuation of their favorite program.
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Creators and Production Company

All the seasons of “Drugs, Inc.” were directed by different authors. The main executive producers are Chris Valentini, Jonathan Hewes and Madeleine Carter, and the editor-in-chief is Chris Lent. The company producing the program is Wall to Wall Media Ltd, and the translating is carried out on the National Geographic Channel, one of the most respected TV networks in the world.

Brief Review

This documentary project is aimed at the investigations related to the study of the creation and sale of drugs in modern society, describes the main types of hazardous substances and the methods used by the police to combat and eliminate their trafficking. In addition, the series in detail tells about the dealers and their customers, who are being persecuted by the law. Many of the characters in the program have reformed themselves and voluntarily decided to undergo rehabilitation, and the authors explain all the features of this way of life and achievements, which the former addicts have reached. In the first two seasons it is told about particular drugs, and later authors are focused on more general issues.
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Renewal Prospects

The latest season 8 had a great popularity not only among American audience, but also among the public throughout the world. Despite some ambiguity in the project and its serious nature, the creators claim that the series does not accept any propaganda purposes and is only released in order for people to understand all the dangers of drug use and understand the seriousness of the consequences that may be the result of using illicit narcotics. On one of the most respected sites IMDB the rating of “Drugs, Inc.” is 8 of 10, which is quite a lot. Specific information about the renewal of the series for season 9 of have not been reported by the founders yet, but the fans believe that such popularity is one of the main reasons to release new episodes, and to stop on such success would be extremely unwise. Therefore, a concrete premiere date most likely will be known very soon.



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